Canada to Euthanize 27-Year-Old Woman for Autism

A Canadian judge has just signed off on a request from government doctors to euthanize a 27-year-old woman because she suffers from autism.

The approval of the case comes despite desperate pleas from her devasted father to block the government’s “assisted suicide” of his daughter.

The request was made by Alberta Health Services and approved by a Calgary judge.

Justice Colin Feasby released his 34-page written decision when he approved the request on Monday.

Despite hearing arguments from the woman’s family, Feasby asserted that the daughter’s right to apply for MAID must come first.

Canada has some of the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world.

The government’s taxpayer-funded euthanasia program, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), has already killed tens of thousands of Canadians.

In fact, dozens of citizens are killed every single day under the program.

In 2022, euthanasia accounted for 4 percent of all deaths in the country.

An average of 36 people were euthanized per day in Canada during 2022.

In recent years, the government has been increasingly relaxing the laws that were originally meant to give terminally ill people an option for dying.

However, the expansion of the laws means people can now be euthanized for far less severe issues such as depressionhomelessness, or mental illness.

The laws have even been expanded to include “mature minors” with a push to expand to infants.

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Meanwhile, a growing number of autistic citizens are now being euthanized by Canada

Justice Feasby heard arguments from the autistic woman’s doctors and her father.

Feasby said the daughter’s “dignity and right to self-determination outweigh the important matters raised by (her father) and the harm that he will suffer.”

The decision will be stayed for 30 days according to Feasby, allowing the father to bring the case to the Alberta Court of Appeal, where the injunction could continue for the next month.

However, Feasby feels an injunction would “deny” the daughter “the right to choose between living or dying with dignity.”

“This is a terrible choice that should not be forced on (the daughter), as attempting to end her life without medical assistance would put her at increased risk of pain, suffering, and lasting injury,” he added.

Feasby further mentioned his ruling would not prevent the daughter from changing her mind before receiving MAID.

“I do not know why you seek MAID,” he said.

“Your reasons remain your own because I have respected your autonomy and your privacy.

“My decision recognizes your right to choose medically assisted death, but it does not require you to choose death.”

The woman’s father had claimed his daughter was incapable of giving consent due to her medical condition.

The devastated dad asked an Alberta Judge to look further into why the government approved his daughter’s death.

He was successful in receiving a temporary injunction the day before his daughter’s scheduled death.

The father warned the court that his daughter “suffers from autism and possibly other undiagnosed maladies that do not satisfy the eligibility criteria for MAID.”

Sarah Miller, the lawyer for the father, called the situation “a novel issue for Alberta.”

Miller stated in her brief for the court that “as it stands, the [Alberta Health Services] operates a MAID system with no legislation, no appeal process, and no means of review.”

Meanwhile, liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s globalist eugenics agenda has faced setbacks amid a major pushback from doctors.

As Slay News reported, doctors have been rising up against the government’s controversial program to euthanize mentally ill patients.

Large numbers of doctors have been refusing to participate in the scheme.

Canadian health officials announced in February that the extension of its “assisted suicide” program, to people suffering solely from mental illness, had been delayed.

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