Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Blows Whistle: Rapper Made ‘Tapes’ of ‘Politicians, Princes & Preachers’

A former bodyguard of Sean “Diddy” Combs has blown the whistle to reveal that the embattled rap mogul secretly made compromising “tapes” of several powerful and influential people.

In a new interview with “The Art of Dialogue” YouTube channel, security guard Gene Deal, who worked closely with Combs for years, discussed the sex trafficking allegations against Diddy.

Diddy is currently grappling with legal battles on multiple fronts, including a federal investigation into alleged sex trafficking.

Concerns are now mounting among his inner circle about those who may be tied to the allegations.

As Slay News has previously reported, the feds have seeking to speak with several celebrities who were close to the disgraced rapper.

Investigators have reportedly obtained the flight manifests from Diddy’s private jet that contain the names of several well-known individuals.

In a recent court filing, Britain’s Prince Harry was even named as an “associate” of Diddy’s by one of the rapper’s accusers.

Deal, who worked closely with Combs as his bodyguard during his time at Bad Boy Records, believes that Diddy’s celebrity associates should be sweating bullets.

He has been vocal about the allegations against Combs, even penning a book titled “Gene Deal: My World of Bodyguarding a Hip-Hop Star: The Last Big Night.”

In his new interview with The Art of Dialogue,” Deal delved into the potential ramifications of the March 25 raids on Combs’s mansions in Los Angeles and Miami by federal agents.

“I don’t think it’s only celebrities gonna be shook,” said Deal, who was present the night when rapper Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in 1997.

“He had politicians in there,” he revealed.

“He had princes in there.

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“He also had a couple of preachers in there,” he claimed.

According to Deal, Diddy secretly recorded the individuals in sexually compromising situations.

He confirmed during the interview that Diddy made “tapes.”

The interviewer asked Deal if he believed the tapes were recovered by federal agents during the raids.

“They got tapes of stuff,” Deal asserted.


The former bodyguard mentioned the alleged recordings while discussing lawsuits brought against Diddy.

One lawsuit, filed against Combs by Cassie Ventura, makes allegations of sexual encounters occurring in places such as Diddy’s “freak off” parties.

Deal raised the specter of covert surveillance to film sexual encounters during these parties within Combs’s residences.

Another rapper, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, also claimed earlier that Diddy made sex tapes of various celebrities and politicians using hidden cameras in his home during his “freak off” parties.

“Can you imagine, he had every room bugged,” Deal remarked.

Deal continued by noting how Combs’s media campaigns do not have the support of his entertainment company.

The interviewer asked Deal about the absence of any public statement.

“Either they took part in some of the stuff that happened, or they’re scared that it may mess up their brand,” Deal replied.

These legal woes are hinged on a series of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse, sex trafficking, or some other form of either physical or emotional harm against Combs.

However, the investigation develops into a mountain of allegations, and even though the music mogul denies any charges against him.

He has not been charged with a crime yet.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling online that Diddy may have been a protected FBI asset.

However, many believe the federal raids on the rapper’s mansions in Miami and Los Angeles were meant to destroy the tapes on behalf of the Deep State faction behind the operation.

As Fox News anchor Jesse Watters said:

“If Diddy had tapes, the feds have them.

“That’s a lot of blackmail.”


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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