Ex-Dem Rep Tulsi Gabbard Blows Whistle on Democrats’ Plan to Smear Biden’s Top Opponent

As Joe Biden sinks in the polls, former Rep. Tulsi Gabard (D-HI) has blown the whistle on the Democrats’ desperate plan to smear the president’s top opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy is doing very well in the early polls and has emerged as Biden’s top challenger in the 2024 Democrat primary.

However, Gabbard warns that the Democrats are launching attacks against Kennedy that are “baseless accusations and lies.”

The former congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate says the Democrats hope to “plant a seed of doubt and concern in voters’ minds.”

“It’s what I experienced in 2020 when I ran for president in the Democratic primary, and they’re doing the same thing with Kennedy,” Gabbard said.

“This is exactly what they’re doing against Kennedy.

“I didn’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to combat this onslaught of a campaign that they waged.

“Kennedy doesn’t, either.”

“I want to say if there are any wealthy billionaires who love the country and want to see the Democratic Party liberated from these ‘woke’ warmongers put your money where your values are.

“Bobby Kennedy could use help to go out there and share his message with voters because the DNC is not going to allow him to do that.”

She added:

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“The DNC follows a 3-step plan to eliminate candidates who won’t conform to DNC directives.”

She listed those efforts as:

  1. Ignore/blackout.
  2. Smear/discredit.
  3. If people still take you seriously, weaponize all resources to spread baseless lies.

“They did it to me in 2020, and now doing it to Kennedy,” Gabbard said.

During the 2020 Democrat primary, Gabbard was a standout candidate who soared in the polls.

She was far more popular than her then-rival Kamala Harris.

However, as Gabbard pushed back against the Democrat machine, the establishment sought to sink her candidacy.

Hillary Clinton appeared on national television and smeared Gabbard as a “Russian asset.”

While the claim was false, the Democrats successfully sunk Gabbard’s campaign and cleared the path for Biden and Harris.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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