Mark Ruffalo Tries to Smear Trump with Fake AI Images, Blames Elon Musk When He’s Caught: ‘So Much Disinformation’

Leftist Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo shared fake AI-generated images on social media in an effort to smear President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The Left has been imploding since unsealed documents related to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were released to the public in batches, starting last week.

Several high-profile individuals were named in the Epstein docs, specifically Democrat former President Bill Clinton, who was named 73 times, so far.

One of the documents includes testimony from an Epstein victim, who states that “Clinton likes them young.”

Trump was also named in the files.

However, the documents completely exonerate Trump and include his name when witnesses are asserting that he was never involved in any wrongdoing, nor did he visit Epstein’s homes or private island.

Clearly outraged over the outcome, bitter leftists have been sharing fake images on social media to try and steer attention away from their heroes.

Ruffalo shared a post on the X platform purporting to show two separate “photos” of Trump.

The images purport to show Trump flying with several young women to Epstein’s infamous “Pedophile Island.”

“Trump headed to Epstein Island,” a user claimed when posting the photos.

“2 different flights, 2 different groups of little girls.

“Not his daughters. Not his nieces.

“Not something Republicans even care about.

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“He can rape, steal, try to overthrow the gov’t, this is their American dream.”

Ruffalo, appearing to do no due diligence, shared the images at face value.

“Gross,” Ruffalo said in a caption of the post.

“#MAGA wants to paint everyone on those flights as pedophiles except the one guy who smiles in a group of young girls all headed to Epstein’s ‘Fantasy Island’ with him.

“My bet is there are some decent Republicans left in America that may think this is going too far.”

The images were soon hit with an X community note that labeled the images “AI-generated.”

Despite the Left’s best efforts, President Trump has never visited the island, unlike Bill Clinton.

One witness testified that they saw Clinton with “two young girls” on Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.”

At the time of writing, Ruffalo has not alerted his supporters about Clinton’s actions, however.

Ruffalo issued an apology to followers the next day but refused to take responsibility for spreading “disinformation.”

Instead, he tried to deflect blame onto X owner Elon Musk.

Ruffalo blamed the entrepreneur for “disinformation” on his website despite the label being applied to the post.

“Sorry Folks,” Ruffalo wrote, before linking to a hit piece on Musk.

“Apparently these images are AI fakes.

“The fact Trump was on Epstein’s plane and what Epstein was up to is not. Be careful.

“Elon’s X and his allowing so much disinformation here is driving the value of his app down by 55%.”

The actor recently celebrated a Golden Globe award for the movie “Poor Things.”

The film, which is distributed by Disney’s Searchlight studio, celebrates debauchery and “whoring” as a form of female empowerment.

The movie focuses on the male characters’ inability to control a female Frankenstein as intended.

Instead, what was supposed to be an easily manipulated woman develops into what the Hollywood Reporter described as “a fiercely spirited, independent woman.”

The film was awarded “Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy” at the Golden Globes.

However, the movie was a flop at the box office.

The production had a budget of $35 million but took in just $15 million worldwide.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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