Tim Allen Overrules ‘Woke’ Critics of His Christmas Show: ‘We Honor the Christian Tradition’

Hollywood actor Tim Allen has overruled “woke” critics of his new Christmas show by declaring that he is honoring the Christian tradition rather than running from it.

Allen spoke about his new Disney+ television series “The Santa Clauses” during an interview with Fox News.

“It’s a Christian holiday,” Allen said.

“So, we don’t belabor it, but we don’t ignore it.”

Allen discussed playing the role of Santa again: “You know, you get around that suit, and I haven’t changed.

“It’s become that stupid thing, and it ain’t me.

“I’m nowhere near as nice as that guy.

“It’s just amazing how I become that guy, walk on set and people react to it, and I honor it.

“I don’t make any jokes anymore as I watch my performance, and I literally think I’m better as Santa Claus than I am as anything else because I think for any actor to tease or put on a costume, it’s easy to become that thing.

“We honor the Christian tradition without heralding it.

“It’s not – it is what it is. It’s a Christian holiday.

“So, we don’t belabor it, but we don’t ignore it. I love the way we deal with it.

“To get that first episode, get the fourth episode and the sixth episode in my head.

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“I see the beginning, middle, and end as though it’s a six-hour movie.

“I said, ‘This thing is very, very good,’ and this is early on, and we continue down this path.

“This is a new format for me, and then I can get my head around it creatively.

“It’s not a television show. It’s not a movie.

“It’s what we’ve been forced, challenged to do now is a hybrid.

“It’s a long movie or a very produced, very creatively elevated television program.”

Allen said of NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning making a cameo appearance:

“It’s a double bind problem.

“I wasn’t able to be a fan because I’m frickin’ dressed as Santa Claus.

“So, I could no matter how much I grinned that I’m working with Peyton Manning to look like Santa Claus, to get a smile on his face.

“And so the fan was underneath, you know, 70 pounds of makeup.

“It was unbelievably challenging, and it was the greatest scene.

“Once I started coming to Disney and doing ‘Home Improvement’ or ‘Last Man Standing’ or getting on sets, I love every second of it.

“I don’t ever feel like I’m working so that I don’t know how to not do this.

“I don’t know if my buddy Jay Leno ever said it this way.

“He asked me one time, ‘Why?’ I go – ‘I have had a house in Mexico for many, many, many years.’

“And he goes, ‘What do you what do you do there?’

“And I said, ‘Well, I don’t know,’ and he says, ‘Retire is just another word for die. Waiting to die.’

“And I go, ‘You know, I never thought of it that way, Jay. And I wish you hadn’t said that.’

“I have two friends that love their retirement – they play tennis.

“They get up and have a leisurely breakfast with the wife.

“They love their retirement,” he said.

“It takes me almost my entire vacation to finally have two days of relaxation because I love what I do.”

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By David Hawkins

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