Top Neurologist: Biden ‘Definitely Has’ Parkinson’s, ‘Degeneration of the Brain’ – ‘That Is a Fact’

One of America’s top neurologists has come forward to assert that Democrat President Joe Biden “definitely has” Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Tom Pitts, a quadruple board-certified neurologist based in New York City, told NBC News that he “could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

During an interview with NBC’s Tom Llamas, Dr. Pitts declared that it “is a fact” that Biden has “degeneration of the brain.”

Llamas asked Pitts:

“What you’ve seen from the president over the last two years, what you saw at the debate, the last few interviews, the way he speaks, the way he maybe walks, have you noticed anything that gives you a red flag as a doctor?”

“Oh yeah, I see him 20 times a day in clinic,” Pitts answered, indicating that Biden’s symptoms are very common among his patients.

“It’s ironic because he has just this classic features of neurodegeneration: word-finding difficulties — and that’s not just ‘Oh, I couldn’t find the right word’ — that’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area.”

“He’s also overcome stuttering, though,” Llamas pressed, hinting at the common excuse pushed by Democrats to explain away Biden’s gaffes.

“Could that be a part of that, too?”

“No,” Pitts confidently asserted.

“This is not a palatal issue or a speech discrepancy,” he said.

“Plus the rigidity, monotone voice …” added Pitts, who admitted he had not personally examined Biden.

“You notice when he turns it’s kind of end-block turning; it’s not a quick turn,” Pitts continued.

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“That’s one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s; it’s rigidity and bradykinesia, slow movement.

“And he has that hallmark, especially with the low voice they said was a cold; hypophonia, small monotone voice like this over time is a hallmark of Parkinsonism.

“I could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

“Shuffling gait, we call that ‘little steps,” he noted.

“Loss of arm swing from the rigidity; when we walk we have a nice cadence, he doesn’t really swing his arms, and end-block turning, meaning he kind of pivots around his foot.

“If you said, ‘Hey, President Biden,’ he wouldn’t go like this,” Pitts said, swiftly turning to look behind him.

When Llamas protested that Parkinson’s was difficult to diagnose, Pitts countered:

“It’s one of the easier movement disorders to diagnose.

“I’m a Democrat,” the neurodegeneration expert noted.

“This guy is not a hard case. … once you start manifesting the hallmark motor symptoms – slow movement, rigidity, masked facies, hypophonia – if a med student did not pick Parkinson’s on the test, they’d be remediated.”

“His motor symptoms are degenerating,” Pitts said bluntly.

“He has Parkinsonisms. That is a fact.

“He has degeneration of the brain.

“Show me the MRI. Show me he doesn’t.

“Put your money where your mouth is. He definitely has it.”


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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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