Trump Tells Joy Behar to Pound Sand: ‘Many Minds Were Changed by Listening to Common Sense and Sheer Brilliance’

President Donald Trump told Joy Behar and the other critics of his CNN town hall to go pound sand.

Many on the Left have been complaining after Trump’s event on the leftist network was a big hit.

Trump responded by arguing that CNN was “very smart” for giving him a forum.

Trump said:

“People are criticizing CNN for giving me a Forum to tell the TRUTH.

“I believe it was a very smart thing that they did, with Sky High Ratings that they haven’t seen in a very long time.

“It was by far the biggest Show of the night, the week, and the month!

“The Radical Left screamed, ‘Take it down, take it down,’ during the Show, because they saw that I was making so many important points on the Border, Energy Independence, the Afghanistan Catastrophe, Inflation, the Economy, Russia/Ukraine, and so much more.

“Many minds were changed on Wednesday night by listening to Common Sense, and sheer ‘Brilliance.’”

During Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” Behar imploded after seeing how Trump won over CNN’s audience during the town hall.

However, before the event aired, Behar claimed she supported CNN for hosting it, likely because she expected it to backfire for Trump.

“I can’t stand Trump as you know,” Behar said before the town hall.

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“But he is the front-runner for the Republican party — I would let them do it, it is a free country.

“This is America,” she said.

“Let him go out there and let him show again to the American people that he is a sociopath.”

But after Trump’s dominating performance, she quickly changed her tune.

“I have to start this off with: I was wrong,” Behar said.

“She said they shouldn’t show him.

“And I said they should because I’m a very big defender of the First Amendment, and I believe that everybody should show who they really are, and let’s vote accordingly.

“But what I didn’t know was that the audience would be filled with his cult.”

However, CNN’s audience was hand-picked by the network and wasn’t made up of Trump supporters as Behar falsely claimed.

President Trump won them over.

“I would like to know if CNN was passing out Kool-Aid before the event started,” she continued.

“The guy is trashing E. Jean Carroll again.

“I wonder if she can sue him for defamation again.

“And when he was trashing her, this annoying audience was clapping.

“Why would CNN put only Republicans and people who love him in the audience?

“I saw a bad stand-up comedian with a bunch of people in his cult who love him.

“And that is not American as far as I’m concerned. That is not American.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said:

“I have to respectfully disagree.

“This is a democracy,” she incorrectly stated.

“He’s the GOP frontrunner, outperforming other people by double digits.

“By the way, people got to see who he is.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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