Voters Suffer Extreme Remorse as Biden Breaks Another Campaign Pledge

Voter remorse is continue to grow among Democrats as President Joe Biden breaks yet another of his campaign pledges.

Democrats who thought President Biden was serious about his promise to cancel large amounts of student loan debt are now realizing that their chosen leader has little interest in following through on his pledge.

Americans will soon have to resume student loan payments after a lengthy pandemic inspired pause initiated early in 2020 by President Trump and subsequently  extended by Biden.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders have continued to hold on to some hopes that their decision to vote for Biden was not a complete waste of a ballot.

One of the highest priorities for Sanders supporters in 2020 was the implementation of some kind of student loan forgiveness, something which Biden had promised to work on.

Like many of his campaign promises, the results delivered by Biden are falling far short of the expectations held by many of his economically leftist supporters.

The White House has been proud of its decision to cancel $11.5 billion in student loan debt for people who meet certain criteria, including people with disabilities or attendees of schools which are now defunct.

This is nowhere near the total $1.6 trillion in debt which many voters had been hoping to see canceled. Democrats no longer seem willing to enact even a partial forgiveness of debts for ordinary people.

In February Americans will finally have to resume payments as the deadline previously extended to January 31 by Biden expires and there seems to be no other action ready to ease the burden.

Interestingly, some Democrats and activists have already begun to move on from their calls for widespread student loan forgiveness and are issuing calls for a much narrower and more likely plan.

Studies show that black graduates are more likely to be unable to pay off their debts in the same timeframe as white graduates and that they ultimately wind up owing more money.

The insinuation is obviously that if anyone is going to be losing out altogether on loan forgiveness it should be white graduates specifically.

If race-specific loan forgiveness is implemented then millions of reluctant Biden voters may be placed in a very confusing position as their own party once again treats them as second class citizens.

Does the struggling young white liberal cheer because their black peers are getting reparations in the form of loan forgiveness or do they resent the fact that their own liberal agenda has backfired so disastrously for them personally?

Regardless, the White House is apparently committed to having loan payments resume on schedule in February and the Democrats as whole seem to be losing interest in making the issue a priority.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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