Trump Draws Massive Crowd of 100,000 at Rally in Deep-Blue New Jersey

President Donald Trump drew a massive crowd for his rally in deep-blue New Jersey over the weekend.

It’s estimated that Trump’s rally at Wildwood Beach drew over 100,000 attendees.

In a post on X, Trump’s press secretary Karline Leavitt said there was “a crowd of more than 100,000” for the rally.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Lisa Fagan, a city official, confirmed that the number of attendees at the rally was between 80,000 to 100,000.

Fagan, who has seen dozens of events at the location before, revealed that the numbers far exceeded expectations for a political rally.

The figures significantly surpass the initial estimate of up to 40,000.

The crowd size makes the New Jersey event the largest rally for Trump’s 2024 campaign thus far.

The event is being called the largest political rally in New Jersey’s history.

Videos posted online show the sheer scale of the rally crowd.


The rally took place between Morey’s Piers and Adventure Pier,

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It was located 150 miles (241 kilometers) south of the New York City courthouse where Trump has been forced to spend most weekdays sitting silently through his “hush money” trial.

The event marked Trump’s first return to the city for a rally since 2020.

It also served as the first major rally in the New York area since 2016.

Trump’s iconic red “Make America Great Again” hats were seen throughout the crowd.

Thousands could be seen proudly sporting the signature merchandise.

Earlier reports highlighted the enthusiasm among supporters, with Trump fans lining up as early as Thursday in anticipation of hearing him speak at the rally.

A number of supporters arrived early Saturday morning to throw tailgate parties prior to Trump’s appearance.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned that Democrat President Joe Biden White House should be “concerned” ahead of November after Trump rallied as many as 100,000 supporters in New Jersey.

McCarthy joined “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss his reaction to Trump’s massive rally in Wildwood on Saturday.

He revealed that he thinks the Garden State could be in play this election cycle.

“That was extraordinary,” McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

“New Jersey [is] not a place that people think Republicans would ever compete, but the size of the crowd…could President Biden get that crowd in the heart of New York or in the most Democrat state?

“Could he do it in California? The answer is no.”

“The other thing that we’re hearing coming out of the White House itself is… President Biden needs to campaign less, talk less, because he gets in trouble while doing it,” he continued.

“This is President Trump showing no matter what they throw at him, he’s going to fight back.

“He’s going to lead this nation on the issues they care most about.”

Trump confidently said he would win New Jersey in November as the crowd erupted.

“As you can see today, we’re expanding the electoral map because … we’re going to win the state of New Jersey,” the 45th president said.

“I think we’re going to win them all.

“All across America, millions of people, so-called blue states, are joining our movement based on love, intelligence, and a thing called common sense.”

McCarthy said Trump’s level of support spells doom for Biden.

“You had an interesting statistic up there about independent voters,” McCarthy added during the Sunday segment.

“There was another poll out there that showed independent voters…by 53%…believed a second term of the Biden administration would be a greater harm to democracy.

“Because all of this is backfiring, this persecution of President Trump… going after him because of politics.

“No one in America believes President Trump would be in a trial today if he was not running for president.”

“They’re coming after our democracy, and it just shows last night with that crowd,” he continued.

“You got Lawrence Taylor.

“You have Democrats in that crowd. Independents.

“I would be very concerned if I was in the White House today.”

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