Trump Reveals What Inflation Would Be like If He Were Still President

President Donald Trump has declared that the Biden administration’s decades-high inflation would have never happened on his watch.

Trump discussed the economy in his Fourth of July message as many American households are battered by soaring everyday costs.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump wished his 3.4 million followers a happy Independence Day while decrying the state of the nation under Democrat President Joe Biden.

“I know it’s not looking good for our Country right now, with a major War raging out of control in Europe, the Highest Inflation in memory, the worst 6 month Stock Market start in History, the highest Energy Prices EVER,” Trump wrote, enumerating some of the key woes impacting Americans.

The 45th POTUS added that “none of these terrible events would have happened” if he were still in the White House.

But “don’t worry,” Trump added, “we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” once again implying he might seek reelection.

Trump has on a number of occasions teased a possible run in 2024 but has never made any definitive statements to that effect.

“I don’t want to comment on running, but I think a lot of people are going to be very happy by my decision,” he said in an April interview.

One thing that might stop him from running is if his health takes a turn for the worse, though he was quick to add that he feels fine.

Stephen Moore, the former economic adviser to the Trump White House, said that, if Trump were still in power, “we would have the economy flying high right now.”

Under Trump, the United States had low unemployment and low inflation at the same time, while enjoying energy independence, he said.

“It’s heartbreaking to see a country that under Donald Trump was … energy independent,” Moore said.

“We weren’t reliant on other countries, whether Saudi Arabia or Russia or Iran or Venezuela or Mexico, we were producing all the energy we needed.

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“Now we have a president who has to go hat in hand to the Saudis and beg them to produce more oil, it’s humiliating, it’s a threat to America’s national defense, it makes the country look weak,” he added.

Moore expressed concern about signs that the U.S. economy is slowing down, saying that if a recession does materialize, he hopes it’ll be mild and “not a crash landing.”

“What’s really frustrating to me is that the contraction of the economy we’re seeing really is the opposite of what we should be seeing if we had stuck with Donald Trump’s policies,” Moore said.

The current economic downturn is “a result of almost every decision that Joe Biden has made on the economy,” Moore said, insisting that, if Trump were still in power, the economy would be “flying high.”

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By Nick R. Hamilton

Nick has a broad background in journalism, business, and technology. He covers news on cryptocurrency, traditional assets, and economic markets.

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