Over 100M Americans May Now Have ‘Seriously Damaged’ Hearts, Top Cardiologist Warns

A leading American cardiologist has warned that over 100 million Americans may now have “seriously damaged” hearts after receiving mRNA shots.

According to Dr. Thomas Levy, Covid vaccines are causing heart injury in at least 2.8% of people who receive the injections.

Levy warns that at least 7 million Americans now have hearts that have been “seriously damaged” by the shots.

However, the top cardiologist says he fears over 100 million people in America have some degree of heart damage from the injections.
He asserts that the injuries are not myocarditis but heart damage that will be detectable with a troponin test.

During a video interview with Steve Kirsch on Tuesday, Levy discussed the effects the spike protein was having on the heart.

He has recently published an essay titled “Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common” which formed the basis of the discussion.

In an article written after the interview, Kirsch highlighted another topic discussed which was heart damage in vaccinated pilots.

As Slay News has previously reported, soaring heart damage among pilots was recently revealed in a change to Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) guidelines.

In October 2022, the FAA quietly changed the electrocardiogram (“ECG”) parameters for pilots to accommodate people who have cardiac injuries.

The move suggests that the vaccine had been causing a huge number of pilots to fail their screening.

In its updated “Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners,” the FAA widened the ECG parameters beyond the normal range – from a PR max of 0.2.

But the FAA didn’t widen the range by a little, they widened it by a lot, Kirsch wrote.

This is an implied admission from the U.S. government that the shots have damaged the hearts of American pilots.

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As Kirsh notes, it wasn’t just a small number that was impacted as it is a lot of pilots and a lot of damage.

“The cardiac harm of course is not limited to pilots.

“My best guess right now is that over 50 million Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot,” Kirsch explained in his article, detailing how he arrived at that estimate.

In his interview with Kirsh, Dr. Levy says the issue isn’t just limited to pilots and warns that the problem is far greater than most realize.


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By Frank Bergman

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