85% of Independents Would Vote for Trump over ‘Unfit Puppet’ Biden, NYT Focus Group Reveals

The results of a New York Times focus group will be sending shockwaves through the Democratic Party over its current nominee for 2024, President Joe Biden.

Accoridn got the NY Times, independent voters who took part in the focus group overwhelmingly stated that they chose President Donald Trump over Biden.

A staggering 85 percent of independents said they wouldn’t vote for Biden because he’s a “puppet” who is “unfit” to serve.

Amazingly, the same group said they would instead vote for Trump despite having negative views about the 45th president.

In a focus group results published Tuesday, independent voters from around the country had scathing remarks to describe President Biden.

The New York Times spoke with 13 undecided, independent voters, ranging from 22 to 64 years old, at length about the two leading candidates and the issues most important to them heading into the election.

The voters were most concerned about the economy, citing the rising costs of groceries and other bills.

Of 13 voters, 12 said they would base their vote on this issue, and 11 of them said they were leaning toward Trump in the election.

With 11 of the 13 saying they would vote for Trump over Biden, it works out to just shy of 85 percent of the focus group.

Others were “deeply troubled by the crisis at the southern border, and some were concerned about the Israel-Gaza war and disliked U.S. aid to other countries,” The Times reported.

When asked what they thought about Biden, the voters didn’t hold back in their blunt assessments.

“He’s a little bit senile, and I do think if you can’t do the job, it’s time to step down,” Natalie, 22, remarked.

“I think he’s unfit for the presidency,” Richard, 36, said.

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“A president should be the commander in chief.

“And he does not appear to be a capable commander in chief.”

North Carolina counselor Kim, 43, called Biden a “puppet.”

“That’s because I feel like he really tap-dances,” she claimed.

“I don’t know what he’s done.

“It just seems like he’s just throwing things out there to please almost anyone.”

Alabama mother Yalena, 22, also felt she couldn’t trust Biden.

“The word that immediately came up was ‘disingenuous,'” she told The Times.

“Nothing that is said really connects with me.

“I don’t feel like I’m being told the truth. I don’t feel like I’m being told anything upfront.

“I was just so disappointed — with the ounce of hope I had left — when we just started pouring money into the Israel conflict,” she added.

Voters also had negative things to say about Trump that were largely centered on their perceptions of his personality.

Some called the 45th president “egotistical,” a “narcissist” and “disastrous.”

Despite these reservations, 11 of the 13 voters said they’d vote for Trump over Biden if the election were held today.

“Donald Trump did a better job. Joe Biden, I mean, I feel like I don’t have a president,” Yalena said.

She credited Trump with “starting a conversation” on immigration.

“Sure, it was divisive, and sure, it really wasn’t the most productive, but it really highlighted problems and the divisiveness that was already hidden inside of our country,” she continued.

Some voters in the focus group weren’t convinced there was anything Biden could do to win their vote.

“I don’t know what he could say, in my opinion, just because we’ve been a disaster since he’s been there,” Meaghan, 36, remarked.

“Take a look at what’s happening with the economy,” Robin, 59, from New Hampshire, added.

“Look at it for real with your eyes and not all your people around you.”

Even one of the two voters who said he’d vote for Biden over Trump if the election were held that day admitted Biden wasn’t “inspiring, at all.”

“There’s not much you could basically tell him other than just come up with great policies for the country,” Henry, a consultant from Georgia, confessed.

When asked if their vote would be swayed if Trump was convicted on the many charges he’s facing across different cases, the participants who responded said the outcome of his trials didn’t matter to them.

“To me, it doesn’t affect anything,” Robin said.

“His life, he puts it right out there.

“I’m sick of hearing it, but it’s him.

“So if I’m going to vote for him, that’s part of what I accept.”

“I’ve already formed my opinion regarding Trump, so it wouldn’t hurt or help my opinion,” Lorraine, 56, added.

The majority of the focus group also expressed that they were anxious and worried about the upcoming election.

Some voters said they felt the country was headed in the wrong direction and leaders had failed to represent Americans’ interests.

“Like, no matter who gets voted into office, I think our options suck either way, and I don’t really see any progress,” Natalie confessed.

A Fox News poll from December found Trump leading Biden among young voters by a 13-point margin.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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