96% of German Omicron Cases Are ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ Report Shows

Of the recorded cases of Omicron in Germany, almost 96 percent of people who tested positive for the COVID-19 variant are “fully vaccinated,” according to a bombshell government report.

The report was compiled by the German federal government agency Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Accoridng to sample data published by RKI, only 4 percent of German Omicron cases were from people who were unvaccinated.

Of the 95.58% who were classed as “fully vaccinated,” 28 percent were recorded as “triple vaccinated.”

The study looked at 4,206 patients who had tested positive for Omicron.

4,020 of those who had contracted the variant had been jabbed with at least two shots of COVID-19 vaccines.

Out of the thousands of new cases, only 186 individuals were unvaccinated.

The 28% of Omicron sufferers who were recorded as “triple vaccinated” had received the two original doses plus a third “booster” shot.

Germany’s population is reportedly 71.1% vaccinated.

The RKI, the German federal agency responsible for disease control and prevention, noted that the report is in “shorter form” due to some “missing data.”

However, it affirmed that “a basic assessment of the general epidemiological situation is nevertheless provided.”


The findings in Germany appear to run similar to data recently released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC found that the Omicron variant had been overwhelmingly infecting people who had received vaccine injections for COVID-19 to the tune of 80%, according to Reuters.

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As more data surfaces suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccines are unable to prevent the spread of the extremely mild variant of the virus and prevent vaccinated individuals from being infected, nations across the world are rolling out more doses and re-implementing pandemic restrictions on their populations.

In Israel, experts are now warning that too many vaccine injections may cause “immune system fatigue.”

Experts warn it may actually compromise the body’s ability to fight the virus.

The warning comes as the middle eastern nation rolls out a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose.

In the Netherlands, government officials have announced that they plan to administer as many as six vaccine doses.

The Netherlands government claims that 89% of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 85.9% having received two doses, and 20% having already received their first booster.

Despite the large numbers, none of this appears to be enough to stop COVID-19, and the only solution is more injections.

In the United States, reported COVID-19 cases have hit a new world record for a single-day increase in any country.

As of today, after hundreds of millions of people received coronavirus vaccine injections, with tens of millions of those individuals receiving “booster” injections, the US is now reporting 484,377 new COVID-19 cases.

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By David Hawkins

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