96% of U.S Climate Data Is Corrupted, Study Shows

Amid the recent rise in fear-mongering reports from the corporate media driven by the globalist green agenda, many rarely look at the legitimacy of the data that these doom allegations of a so-called “climate crisis” are actually based on.

Much of the panic-inducing claims of a “climate emergency” we hear from in the media, often supported with scary red and fire orange-colored weather maps, are mostly based on corrupted data.

However, the goal of the “climate crisis” narrative isn’t about “saving the planet” but rather ushering policies to comply with the radical “green agenda” goals of a handful of unelected globalist elites representing the interests of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), and other non-governmental organizations.

Typically, meeting these “climate” goals involved stripping the public of their freedoms and rights to make the global masses easier to control by the few.

In recent weeks, the fear-mongering has been ramped up significantly.

The corporate media is awash with reports of heatwaves all around the world along with wildfires in Canada.

Despite wildfires and heatwaves having existed on Earth long before humans did, we are now expected to believe that they are happening today because the climate has drastically changed over the past 100 years due to “man-made global warming.”

Just last month, radical Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was quick to blame the clouds of smoke wafting down from the Canadian wildfires on “climate change.”

As you likely expected without even needing to check, as AOC wouldn’t have, that claim turns out to be complete nonsense.

But the underlying facts that prove its nonsensical nature turn out to be well rooted in science.

Veteran meteorologist Anthony Watts of the Heartland Institute has been studying the weather and the climate in general for a very long time.

He travels around the country inspecting meteorological equipment and studies historical weather data from around the world.

Watts has been trying to warn the public that wildfires are common in many parts of North America, despite what the corporate media claims.

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He notes that in the 21st century, there have actually been far fewer wildfires than in the past.

They’re just getting more attention from the press and on social media.

According to Watts:

Rather than focusing discussion on what the real or imagined harms may be, how to mitigate them, and how to help people, climate activists are taking the opportunity to blame “climate change” for the smoke.

The reality is wildfires are becoming less frequent and severe as the planet modestly warms.

As wildfires become less frequent, it is nonsensical to blame the few wildfires that remain on climate change…

Peer-reviewed studies and verified satellite observations show beyond a shadow of a doubt that wildfires in the long term, mid-term, and short term have become less frequent and less severe as the Earth modestly warms.

The likely reason is the measured increase in evaporation from the world’s oceans, which has resulted in more frequent global precipitation.

That’s not the most disturbing part of the story, however.

When discussing the “modest warming” that the planet has exhibited, the claims must be backed up by solid data.

But as Dr. Watts has examined weather stations around the country, he has discovered that the available data may be nearly useless when attempting to quantify very slight changes in average temperatures.

The claims about warming are completely flawed because more than 90% of the data is “corrupted,” Watts warns.

And the reason for that is the reality that the vast majority of thermometers that NOAA relies on are improperly installed and maintained.

This leads to the recording of artificially higher temperatures.

Watts explains:

A new study, Corrupted Climate Stations: The Official U.S. Surface Temperature Record Remains Fatally Flawed, finds approximately 96 percent of U.S. temperature stations used to measure climate change fail to meet what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) considers to be “acceptable” and uncorrupted placement by its own published standards.

The report, published by The Heartland Institute, was compiled via satellite and in-person survey visits to NOAA weather stations that contribute to the “official” land temperature data in the United States.

The research shows that 96% of these stations are corrupted by localized effects of urbanization – producing heat-bias because of their close proximity to asphalt, machinery, and other heat-producing, heat-trapping, or heat-accentuating objects.

In order to produce accurate temperature readings based on NOAA’s own published standards, thermometers are supposed to be in natural, “pristine” locations such as fields, forests, or hilltops.

However, Dr. Watts’ research has revealed that more than 90% of NOAA thermometers are in inappropriate places.

96% are in parking lots, on buildings, against brick walls, or in other artificial environments.

The bricks, asphalt, and other human construction materials used in these environments artificially trap heat, leading to a “warming bias” in the collected data.

Thermometers placed in natural settings register lower average temperatures.

That’s not to say that the cities, parking lots, and highways aren’t warmer. They clearly are.

But it’s not because the planet overall is getting warmer.

It’s because we build things that trap and retain more heat than Mother Nature would capture and retain if left to her own devices.

These areas also have multiple man-made influences on temperatures such as vehicles, heaters and air conditioning units, subways, and more people, etc.

Sadly, these facts are ignored by corporate media reports on the so-called “climate crisis.”

Data showing that global temperatures are not increasing wouldn’t make any money for people like “climate czar” John Kerry and his private jet-setting friends, so you’ll never hear them endorse it.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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