Alvin Bragg Goes After Melania Trump, Gets Shut Down by New York Judge

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s politically motivated case against President Donald Trump has just suffered another defeat in court.

Bragg’s case is so weak and seemingly political that some Democrats wanted him to delay it until the more serious cases against Trump go through the system.

But career Democrat Bragg needs his get-Trump case to stick so he can run on it in his next election.

Like many other Democrat prosecutors, Bragg is facing blowback as crime soars out of control in his district.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has slammed “woke” prosecutors and demanded they call a state of emergency to stop the rampant crime in one blue city.

The NAACP said last week: “Oakland residents are sick and tired of our intolerable public safety crisis that overwhelmingly impacts minority communities.

“Murders, shootings, violent armed robberies, home invasions, car break-ins, sideshows, and highway shootouts have become a pervasive fixture of life in Oakland.

“We call on all elected leaders to unite and declare a state of emergency and bring together massive resources to address our public safety crisis.

“African Americans are disproportionately hit the hardest by crime in East Oakland and other parts of the city.

“But residents from all parts of the city report that they do not feel safe.

“Women are targeted by young mobs and viciously beaten and robbed in downtown and uptown neighborhoods.

“Asians are assaulted in Chinatown. Street vendors are robbed in Fruitvale.

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“News crews have their cameras stolen while they report on crime.

“PG&E workers are robbed and now require private security when they are out working.

“Everyone is in danger,” the NAACP warned.

“Failed leadership, including the movement to defund the police, our District Attorney’s unwillingness to charge and prosecute people who murder and commit life-threatening serious crimes, and the proliferation of anti-police rhetoric have created a heyday for Oakland criminals.

“If there are no consequences for committing crime in Oakland, crime will continue to soar.”

Bragg can’t run on his record so he is desperate to get Trump.

He is now so desperate that he has tried to go after former First Lady Melania Trump by issuing subpoenas for her emails.

But a New York judge stepped in and told him to pound sand.

The judge, Juan Merchan, ruled in favor of Trump’s effort to block two subpoenas seeking emails sent by Melania Trump.

Merchan ruled that the subpoenas were overly broad.

“This request would yield significantly more responsive records than necessary,” Merchan wrote of the subpoena related to Melania Trump.

According to CBS:

Merchan indicated in the ruling he would not block another subpoena in which Bragg’s office sought the lengthy videotaped deposition Trump gave to attorneys for writer E. Jean Carroll prior to a federal civil trial in which a jury found him liable for sexually abusing her.

Portions of the deposition were played at the trial, but Merchan didn’t outright order the tape be turned over to prosecutors.

Instead, he instructed prosecutors to ask the federal judge to clarify if the rest of the video is still protected by a confidentiality order put in place before the trial.

Judge Merchan’s order was issued on July 7, but was not made public until Thursday when it was filed by Bragg’s office in the Carroll case, along with a letter seeking input from the federal judge on the issue concerning the tape of Trump’s deposition.

Prosecutors “have demonstrated that the request seeks items that are relevant and material” to the New York criminal case, Merchan wrote.

Merchan also partially blocked, and partially granted, a subpoena from Bragg seeking severance, confidentiality, and non-disclosure agreements related to 17 current and former Trump Organization employees.

Merchan wrote that prosecutors documented why seven of those people were relevant to the case, but not the other 10.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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