Alvin Bragg’s ‘Hush Money’ ‘Show Trial’ against Trump Is ‘Meritless,’ Legal Expert Warns

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” case against President Donald Trump is “meritless” and based on “dubious claims,” a top legal expert has warned.

Bragg’s case against Trump is viewed by many as one of the weakest cases that the 45th president faces.

According to a recent Newsweek opinion editorial written by Brooke Rollins of the America First Policy Institute, Bragg’s running nothing short of a “show trial.”

The merits of the politically motivated case are “non-existent,” Rollins argues.

Trump faces 34 charges in the “hush money” case involving former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Many legal scholars have explained that the charges brought against Trump, which the DOJ did not previously pursue, are a stretch, at best.

The situation is leading many to conclude that the case against Trump is political in nature.

Rollins picks Bragg’s case apart in her op-ed.

She notes that she believes George Soros-funded Bragg is a “partisan prosecutor.”

In the op-ed, Rollins writes:

“Partisan prosecutor Alvin Bragg, more showman than lawman, alleges that a 2016 transaction from the Trump Organization was deceptively categorized in its accounting.”

She added, “Even if that dubious claim were true, it is only a misdemeanor offense whose statute of limitations ran out long ago.

“So how is it that a felony trial is underway for an act that isn’t a felony, and is well outside the statute of limitations?”

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Rollins, like others, believes that Bragg’s crusade against Trump is simply another tactic by the Democrats to interfere in the looming November election.

Democrats increasingly fear that President Joe Biden cannot beat Trump on the ballot through honest means.

“Desperate to do something, anything, to shift the focus from President Joe Biden’s failures, Bragg has resorted to prosecuting Trump just months before the election. He knows he is unlikely to win a conviction, but this case isn’t about justice; it’s about distraction,” she wrote.

She made the spectacular point that Bragg is otherwise very much in the “soft-on-crime” camp.

However, “his two-tiered notion of justice suggests that Trump will have the book thrown at him.”

Rollins also pointed to New York’s Democrat Attorney General Letitia James’s asinine civil case against Trump.

James’s case was clearly meant to bankrupt Trump’s presidential campaign and take away much-needed reelection resources.

“That case is equally contrived and equally political, but nevertheless deeply damaging in having secured a fine of such preposterous (and effectively unpayable) size that breaks with sense and precedent alike,” Rollins notes.

“This monstrous $455 million fine, considered by many constitutional experts as a violation of the Eighth Amendment, was ultimately stayed by the New York Appellate Division.”

Trump, and others, have also maintained that Special Counsel Jack Smith‘s cases against him are also part of a larger political “witch hunt.”

Currently, Bragg’s case against Trump is playing out in a New York court.

Only time will tell if he’s able to convince a jury to convict a former president.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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