One of America’s Largest Chicken Farms Completely Destroyed in Huge Fire

A major chicken farm in Illinois has been completely destroyed by a massive fire, according to reports.

The poultry farm in Farina houses over one million chickens.

The huge blaze has caused a staggering loss of animal life and extensive damage to the property.

The cause is undetermined at present.

However, the blaze will likely revive suspicions that the food supply is being deliberately targeted.

The fire was reported to the authorities at 6.30 pm local time on Wednesday.

The fire continued to spread and rage uncontrollably.

More than 27 fire departments from the local area attended the scene as authorities battled the blaze.

According to reports, the smoke was so heavy that it was picked up on Doppler radar.

The smoke reached between 13,000 and 15,000 feet in the air.

Witnesses said they could see the smoke from the blaze from over 20 miles away.

By Thursday morning, the blaze had been put out.

Officials have since been investigating the scene.

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There were no human casualties but the farm itself is said to be totally destroyed.


According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

The owner of the farm, Wabash Valley Produce, is the nation’s 24th-largest egg producer.

The company runs farms in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

It has yet to release a statement on the fire.

The Beckemeyer Volunteer Fire Department from Clinton County, one of the units to dispatch to the scene, posted to Facebook after returning from fighting the fire.

The department revealed that it contributed 30,000 gallons of water to help put out the fire in Marion County, 43 miles away from their jurisdiction.

“It’s hard to explain the sheer size of this operation and all the moving parts and straight dedication that went into bringing this fire under control,” the post reads.

“Hats off to everyone involved especially those volunteering.

“Should make for a long day at work today for most of us.”

In late 2022 and early 2023, there were fires and explosions at dozens of farms and food-processing facilities across the US.

Many of those facilities were destroyed by the incidents.

One fire at a Hillendale Farms chicken facility in Connecticut, Ameirca’s third largest egg farm, killed 100,000 hens.

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