Anti-Trump Republicans Panic over Biden’s ‘Terrible’ Re-Election Chances, Threaten to Leave America, Express ‘Shock,’ ‘Sadness,’ ‘Anger’

Democrat President Joe Biden’s “very frustrating and angering” debate performance last week has sent anti-Trump Republicans scrambling into panic mode.

Several Never-Trumpers have been complaining to the liberal corporate media about their “shock” at the realization that President Donald Trump will likely win re-election in November.

They have been expressing serious doubts about Biden remaining at the top of the Democrat ticket ahead of a likely rematch with his predecessor in November.

Former Republican Becky Hofer told CNN of her devastation after watching part of Biden’s historically disastrous debate with Trump last Thursday.

“It was terrible,” Hofer told CNN during a segment Wednesday.

Hofer is one of a number of former Republicans who told CNN that Biden’s performance at the debate confirmed that he could not beat the Republican frontrunner.

However, they complained that they are now in a tough spot because they claim they cannot support Trump.

“I’m completely disillusioned,” Hofer said.

“They’re both a joke. It felt like elder abuse.

“So yeah, I think [Biden] needs to be replaced, if for anything, just out of respect for his humanity.”

Yet, despite witnessing the trainwreck debate, Hofer emphasized that she would still vote for Biden over Trump.

“Right now, if these are the two options that we have in November, I’ll vote for Joe Biden’s head in a jar before I’ll vote for Donald Trump,” Hofer said.

Hofer continued by warning that, if Trump wins the November election, she will leave the United States.

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“I’m angry, and I mean I’m angry, to the point where if Joe Biden stays on the ticket and Donald Trump is still on the ticket I’m fast-tracking moving to Costa Rica.”

Ex-Republican Robin Hawkland said Biden did not perform well during the debate.

Hawkland became a registered Democrat and moved from Georgia to Utah because of her dislike for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“[M]y initial reaction was shock,” she said.

“Then, just sadness, and then I think I moved into anger.”

“It hurts me to say that, but yes,” Hawkland said when asked if Biden should be replaced as the leading candidate.

“I don’t think he’s electable.

“I don’t know how you dig out of this hole.

“He could do more events where he looks better.

“He’s looked better since then — and they can time it right.”

“But everyone knows deep in their existence what they saw may happen again,” she added.

Hawkland said she did not appreciate the reaction of the Democratic Party to Biden’s debate performance.

“You feel like you’re being condescended to,” she said.

“To be talked to from the Democratic Party like, ‘just get behind the candidate,’ was very frustrating and angering.”

“Trump is a criminal and [has] many other issues,” Hawkland said.

“Biden is just aging, and there is no reason that people should not be concerned with what they see.”



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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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