AOC Busts Biden Telling Lie About Bill: “This is simply wrong, we did not fund the replacement of every child’s pipe and we shouldn’t tell people we did”

Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez rained on President Biden’s parade as Joe tried to promote passage of the delayed infrastructure bill. She publicly called Biden out for telling a falsehood as he went about selling it.

AOC said: “It’s not just that we made these promises before – look at how the infra bill is being messaged *now.* I respect the President and the leg feat he just accomplished. But this is simply wrong. We did not fund the replacement of every child’s pipe & we shouldn’t tell people we did.

The cost to replace every lead pipe in the United States is $45-60 billion. BIF only gives $15b. Without BBB, many communities historically denied clean water will continue to be denied. Build Back Better has lead $ for disadvantaged communities. We must keep pushing for BBB.

I want to protect our party from the disappointment and collapse in turnout from communities like mine that occurs when we tell them we did things we didn’t do.

“We shouldn’t promise all lead pipes will be fixed if that is not the case. Some will, most won’t. “We must push for BBB.

“We can and should message BIF as a step, but messaging it as a solution alone is going to get us into trouble.

“BBB contains the majority of the presidents agenda. We must keep going and ensure the promises are delivered

“For people who say “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” to pass legislation, consider why no one tells that to the Dems who killed passage of Rx drug pricing and Universal Pre-K this week over small process demands from safe Dem seats in places like NY and Hawaii.

“The reason platitudes like this are insulting is bc they are exclusively employed to deny the working class, poc, and youth’s basic demands for livability. Like affordable rx drugs

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“No one says this to the safe-seat Dems who derailed climate action & healthcare over a CBO table. Political – there were many, many promises made to get to Friday’s passage. Promises from mod Dems, House leadership, and the President himself.

“If those promises do not get fulfilled, it will make future passage of anything much more difficult. BIF will look like a cakewalk.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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