AOC Brutally Heckled & Booed at Fiery Town Hall: ‘All You Care About Is Illegal Aliens and Their Votes!’

Radical Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was mercilessly booed and heckled by her constituents at a heated town hall in New York City.

During the event in Queens, NYC, AOC was interrupted by angry voters while giving a presentation about the “benefits” of her socialist Green New Deal.

One of the hecklers, Jonathan David Rinaldi, stood up while AOC was on the stage.

Rinaldi announced that he was challenging Ocasio-Cortez for her congressional seat.

“My name is Jonathan David Rinaldi and I’m running for Congress against AOC, the Green New Deal is a scam,” he shouted.

After becoming increasingly heated and rowing with other attendees, Rinaldi was escorted out while shouting “You only represent the illegal aliens!”

“They’re giving the NYCHA apartments away, they’re giving illegal aliens $10,000 a day,” he could be heard shouting in a video of the meeting.

“I want you to debate me AOC, debate me.

“Every single one of us is being sold out by people that have brought illegals here to vote,” he shouted.

The heckler also shouted about the attacks by migrants against NYPD officers last month.

As Rinaldi was being removed, another heckler took over.

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“All you care about is illegal aliens and their votes,” the second man yelled out while pointing at AOC.

“You don’t care about your constituents!” he added.


However, he was soon drowned out by Ocasio-Cortez’s supporters shouting “AOC, AOC,” and clapping their hands.

Once the man had been removed, AOC addressed the rest of the audience and confirmed that she supports giving illegal aliens “a pathway” to voting rights.

“Clearly, this community – Astoria, Jackson Heights, also across the Bronx – clearly supports progressive immigration policies that welcome all of our neighbors.”

“We clearly support a path to citizenship, we clearly support ending draconian immigration policies and that is why you all… support my representation of our community in Congress because we have had enough.”

Her comments were met with applause and a woman shouted “Thank you.”

“We have seen the voices that are anti-immigrant in this country are very very loud but they are very very few and we have to look around and realize how many of us are here in support of our neighbors and an acknowledgment of the fact that virtually all of us are descendants of immigrants, or indigenous people, or enslaved people,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

The incident comes after a fraught few months in New York, with the city absorbing more than 100,000 migrants last year alone.

In the city’s latest controversial move to deal with the migrants, Adams announced a $53 million program to give pre-paid credit cards to migrant families with children.

Adams defended his new program earlier this year saying:

“So we are going to save money on delivery, we’re going to save money on people wasting food, and this is a pilot project we’re going to use that is going to save us $6.7 million a year.”

The Democrat mayor had previously said the project would save the city $600,000 a month, or $7.2 million annually.

Adams also wanted to counter what he called “misinformation” about the program.

“We’re not giving people American Express cards,” Adams said.

“We found that the food delivery service that we set up during the emergency – we could find a better way to do it in our belief that we want to cut 20 percent of the migrant costs.”

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By David Lindfield
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