‘Demoralized’ AOC Snaps, Rips Biden’s Weakness, Takes Swipe at Pelosi: ‘It’s a Sh*t Show’

Celebrity Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has finally snapped and issued a public attack against the Democratic Party leadership.

Ocasio-Cortez broke her silence in a new interview with The New Yorker where she slammed President Joe Biden’s weakness and called out Democrat leaders for being “susceptible to self-delusion.”

While accusing Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of having no “stones,” AOC also blasted Congress as a “sh*t show.”

AOC told The New Yorker’s David Remnick that Biden has been hesitant to use his executive power and his weakness “has demoralized a very critical voting block” of the Democrat base.

She then shifted her attacks to the Republicans, who she accused of being undemocratic, before slamming the media as sensational.

“Honestly, it is a sh*t show,” AOC raged.

“It’s scandalizing, every single day.

“Some folks perhaps get used to it or desensitized to the many different things that may be broken.

“But there is so much reliance on this idea that there are adults in the room, and, in some respect, there are.

“But sometimes to be in a room with some of the most powerful people in the country and see the ways that they make decisions — sometimes they’re just susceptible to groupthink, susceptible to self-delusion.

“People really just talk themselves into thinking that passing the infrastructure plan on that day, in that week, is the most singular important decision of the presidency, more than voting rights, more than the Build Back Better Act itself, which contains the vast majority of the president’s actual plan.

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“You’re kind of sitting there in the room and watching people work themselves up into a decision.

“It’s a fascinating psychological moment that you’re watching unfold.

“It’s not even just a question of the speaker.

“It’s a question of our caucus,” AOC warned.

“I wish the Democratic Party had more stones.

“I wish our party was capable of truly supporting bold leadership that can address root causes.

“The president has not been using his executive power to the extent that some would say is necessary.

“But I think there are some things within the president’s control and his hesitancy around them has contributed to a situation that isn’t as optimal.

“It’s entirely within his power,” she claimed.

“And I can’t underscore how much the hesitancy of the Biden Administration to pursue student-loan cancellation has demoralized a very critical voting block that the president, the House, and the Senate need in order to have any chance at preserving any of our majority.

“What we risk is having a government that perhaps postures as a democracy, and may try to pretend that it is, but isn’t.

“We’re never beyond hope.

“But we’ve already seen the opening salvos of this, where you have a very targeted, specific attack on the right to vote across the United States, particularly in areas where Republican power is threatened by changing electorates and demographics.

“You have white nationalist, reactionary politics starting to grow into a critical mass.

“There are times when I’m cynical and I’m just, like, ‘Man, maybe I should just, like, learn to grow my own food and teach other people how to do that.

“But I also reject the total cynicism that what’s happening here is fruitless,” she said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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