Arizona Gov Doug Ducey Overrules Biden, Fills All Gaps in Yuma Border Wall ‘in Just 11 Days’

Republican Governor Doug Ducey overruled Democrat President Joe Biden and announced that 3,820 feet of the previously-open border near Yuma, Arizona has been closed with a barrier of double-stacked and secured shipping containers.

In a statement, Ducey blasted Biden and said that he was forced to do “the job the federal government has failed to do.”

Ducey said: “Following a historic investment in this year’s state budget, forged in partnership with legislative leaders, we’ve taken a major step forward to secure our border.

“Five wide open gaps in the border wall near Yuma neighborhoods and businesses are now closed off. In just 11 days, Arizona did the job the federal government has failed to do — and we showed them just how quickly and efficiently the border can be made more secure – if you want to.

“On the day President Biden was sworn into office, he issued a proclamation ordering a pause in the construction of the border wall going up on our southern border.

“Since then, illegal activity in Yuma and other border communities has skyrocketed.

“Arizona could not just stand by and allow this situation to continue.

“Our Border Barrier Mission is a win for Arizona, our communities, our farmers, and our law enforcement.

“But the effort to secure our border is far from complete.

“Washington must act,” the governor warned.

“Border security is a federal responsibility.

“They need to fix the border they’ve broken.”

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Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls praised Gov. Ducey for tackling the issue.

“Every day hundreds of people come across the border into the Yuma area,” Nicholls said.

“By closing the border wall gaps, Governor Ducey is helping to protect our city from the dangerous drugs and bad actors that come through on a daily basis.

“Yuma is grateful for the effective process of getting these containers in place quickly and secured.

“Governor Ducey showed the nation how to secure the border and keep illegal activity at the border at bay.”

“The open border left behind by the Biden administration has left Yuma County residents exhausted and our resources depleted,” said Jonathan Lines, Yuma County Supervisor.

“We’re tired of the lethal drugs and human smuggling entering our county.

“These containers are making a huge difference and will disrupt the cartels’ trafficking operations.

“Thank you, Governor Ducey, for prioritizing our county and protecting our families.”

“Crossing between points of entry is illegal,” said Tim Roemer, Arizona Department of Homeland Security Director.

“The cartels have been taking advantage of the gaps in the border wall to surge migrants and overwhelm law enforcement.

“In 11 days, Arizona has regained more operational control at the US-Mexico border, than Biden has in 20 months.

“Governor Ducey has shown great leadership in how to effectively and efficiently secure the border,” he said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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