BBC Host ‘Jokes’ That Biden Should Use Supreme Court Immunity Ruling Have Trump Killed

A foreign media host has weighed on the recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity by “joking” that it could allow President Joe Biden to murder the Democrats’ political enemies.

It comes as the Left struggles to cope with President Donald Trump’s recent winning streak.

69-year-old David Aaronovitch, host of BBC Radio 4’s “Briefing Room,” went so far as to call for Biden to order the assassination of Trump after the Supreme Court handed him a huge victory.

Aaronovitch suggested Biden could have Trump killed “legally” in light of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on immunity.

“If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security,” he wrote on X.

As the backlash started to come in, Aaaronovitch said he was only joking.

In his defense, the “unbiased BBC reporter claimed only the “far-right” was triggered by his statement.

“There’s now a far-right pile on suggesting that my tweet about the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity is an incitement to violence when it’s plainly a satire,” he wrote.

“So I’m deleting it. If nothing else though it’s given me a map of some the daftest people on this site.”

The back end of Aaronovitch’s original post calling Trump “a threat to America’s security” sounds like an earnest statement, not a joke.

In any event, it’s a twisted thing to joke about.

Besides being deeply disturbing, Aaronovitch’s “take” is profoundly unoriginal.

Countless liberals reacted to the court’s ruling with the same “joke” that Biden can now “legally” murder Trump.

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Some aren’t cloaking their malice in irony, however.

“Orange Is The New Black” star Lea DeLaria went on a deranged rant demanding that Biden “take out” Trump.

During the rant, the leftist actress compared Trump to – you guessed it – Hitler.

“Trump is Hitler, and this is 1940,” she said.

“Take him the f*** out.”

The court’s own liberal wing wrote a pair of hand-wringing dissents claiming the Supreme Court had placed presidents “above the law.”

Obama appointee Sonia Sotomayor directly invoked the scenario of the president ordering SEAL Team Six to take out political rivals.

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, dismissed the dissents as “fear-mongering on the basis of extreme hypotheticals.”

Roberts also accused the dissent of ignoring a more realistic danger of presidents prosecuting one another in a vicious cycle.

The court’s ruling is widely seen as dashing any chance of Trump being prosecuted for January 6 before the election.

As a result, many on the left are melting down.

The Supreme Court’s ruling came days after Biden imploded in his debate with Trump, sending Democrats into a panic.

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By Nick R. Hamilton

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