Bette Midler Crosses Line by Calling Police Officers ‘Sadists,’ Gets Shut Down by Family Members of Cops

Hollywood star Bette Midler crossed a line when she took to social media to trash police officers.

In a post on Twitter, Midler blasted cops as “sadists” and “cruel.”

However, Midler was promptly shut down by families of the brave, underappreciated men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

She said: “Who becomes a #police officer?

“Do you have to be a #sadist?

“Maybe not, but it sure seems to help.

“And who trains these guys?

“Are they sadists too?

“Don’t they teach any kind of compassion?

“Why do they turn out such uncontrollable cops?

“Why are people so f*cking cruel?”

One Twitter user fired back saying: “Hold on, Sis.

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“My son-in-law, my cousin and my late uncle are/were all honorable police officers.

“They want to protect and serve.

“You want them to come to your house if you ever have to call 911!!

“Don’t you dare lump them all together.”

Another said: “Just a broad over generalization from Bette.

“Good lord. I would love to see Bette do the job for one day.

“One short 10 hours in St. Louis or Milwaukee or Chicago or Tampa or Sancramento or Honolulu or…oh, you get the drift.

“Then she will be able to understand the sadists?”


“There ARE good officers,” another said.

“But it all goes to the wayside when the bad apples…and there are many…take precedence.

“It sucks. Should have been a noble profession. People lose sight of that.”

Another said: “Please remember there are thousands if not millions of good cops trying their best in a broken system that needs to do a better job at recruiting, training and retention.

“Imagine being one of these cops and how tough it would be to go to work today.”

Another said: “As a police officer, I was PAID to stick my nose into other peoples business (either by orders, self-intiated action, or calls for service).

“I could have a real impact on peoples lives, for good or ill.

“The only passion that should be involved is to be professional about it.”

Another said: “I can only speak for the UK, where most police officers are decent people doing a very difficult job in often dreadful circumstances.

“We must not to let the actions of a few, however heinous, destroy the reputations and confidence in the majority.”

Another said: “If I do this job right, the way it’s supposed to be, I am (by definition) the good guy.”

“That’s how I answered when the Lt. asked me at roll call on my very first day on the street, 04 JUN 1996 in Chicago.

“It really is that simple for the overwhelming majority of us.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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