Biden Agrees to Debate Trump in June & September with List of Guardrails: No Live Audience

Democrat President Joe Biden has finally committed to partaking in two presidential debates in June and September.

However, Biden said he will only take part in the debates if President Donald Trump agrees to a list of guardrails, including no live audiences.

On Wednesday morning, Biden suggested that Trump and himself face off in two televised debates on Democrat-friendly networks.

Biden added that he will not participate in an event put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to the NYT.

The president’s handlers also want the debates held in a television studio to avoid the reaction from in-person viewers.

In a video posted on X, a suspiciously lively “Biden” sent a message to Trump:

“Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020.

“Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate.

“Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again.

“Well, make my day, pal, I’ll even do it twice.

“So let’s pick dates Donald, I hear you’re free Wednesdays,” added “Biden,” alluding to Trump’s court appearances.


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Later Wednesday morning, Biden said that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from CNN scheduled for June 27, before telling Trump, “anywhere, any time, any place.”

Trump accepted the invitation as well, setting the stage for the first debate in the general election.

Biden then announced shortly before noon that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from ABC scheduled for Sept. 10. Trump also accepted the ABC offer.

The proposal was initially outlined by the Biden-Harris campaign in a letter to the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates on Wednesday morning.

It abandoned the decades-old tradition of three fall meetings organized by the debate commission.

Trump afterward told Fox News Digital that he’d accept the timeline proposed by the incumbent Democrat.

“Crooked Joe Biden is the worst debater I have ever faced – he can’t put two sentences together,” Trump told Fox News.

“Crooked is also the worst president in the history of the United States, by far.”

Trump told Fox  that “it is time for a debate to take place – even if it has to be held through the offices of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which are totally controlled by Democrats and who, as people remember, got caught cheating with me with debate sound levels.”

“I’m ready to go,” Trump said.

“The dates that they proposed are fine.

“Anywhere. Anytime. Any place.

“Let’s see if Joe can make it to the stand-up podium.”

“The proposed June and early September dates are fully acceptable to me,” Trump added.

“I will provide my own transportation.”

While it may appear that Biden is moving forward with his campaign by agreeing to debate Trump, many argue that it’s a strategic move by the president’s handlers to push him out.

According to America First Report, pushing Biden into a debate is a “trap.”

With Democrats doing well in fundraising, there is no viable reason for an incumbent president to want an early summer debate, JD Rucker notes.

There are usually three fall debates to maximize viewership, but both Biden and Trump are exceptional cases.

For Trump, the dates fit around the lawfare being waged against him.

However, Biden’s reason for proposing such an early debate is ominous.

“If they’re able to pump him full of enough stimulants to make him appear lucid for an hour or two, then there’s a chance he could actually continue to be the Democrat nominee,” Rucker writes.

“But in the likely event that he bombs from his severe lack of mental acuity, Democrats will have the predicate to replace him and the time to get their new candidate on most ballots.

“In other words, Joe Biden is walking into what will likely be his political swan song.

“Whether he knows it or not, he’s being tested and he’s not expected to pass.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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