Biden and Democrats Hit Nightmare Numbers with Black Voters

President Joe Biden and Democrats have just been hit with nightmare numbers from a new CNN poll.

They are hemorrhaging support with the absolutely key demo group of Black voters ahead of the November midterm elections.

Network senior data reporter Harry Enten broke the news to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota who seemed stunning it is this bad. How bad is it? Biden and the Dems have the lowest level of support among African Americans in a century.

Enten said Biden has lost 20 points since last summer with Black voters. Last year Biden had the approval of 87% of Black voters. That number has dropped to 67% today. Dems can’t win with those kinds of numbers. Wipeout territory.

“Barack Obama, the last Democratic president, never dropped below 75% in any Gallup poll,” Enten said. “This is lower than Barack Obama ever was.”

“There are a number of things that are behind it, one of the things that I think is so important as we look toward the midterm elections.

“If you look at younger voters, you don’t really see that there was much of a change with them in terms of their generic ballot, or how they would vote for Congress, even though they had soured on Biden.”

Enten said in 2020, Democrats got 77 percent of the Black vote in House races. Today they would get only 62 percent among Black voters in House races.

“I want to put this in a historical comparison for you,” Enten said.

“This really gets at how low that 62-point margin is.

“Democrats have won Black voters by 75% or more in every single election this century.”

“This has been a sudden decline, meaning like in the past year, plus?” the stunned CNN host asked.

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Enten said yes. He said the Democrats have lost 20% of Black voters within the last year.

“I think one way to sort of look at this is the choice for president,” he said. “We go back since 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020. Right now, if you go back to 2020, Joe Biden won Black voters by 75 points. That was down from 2016, 2012, 2008.”

He said Black conservatives are leading the charge away from the Dems.

Like this Dem council member from South Carolina. Harriet Holman has had enough and switched political parties and will be running for re-election as a Republican.

She said: “Some things that I had looked at, that I just didn’t agree with any longer.

“One of the things was that I am just totally pro-life, and I am about capitalism, and I am for funding the police.

“And so those things are what made me make my final decision.

“We’re born into our families, and we kind of take on the trait of what our families are, and my parents were Democrats.

“It wasn’t an easy decision.

“I talked to family, I talked to friends, I talked to my constituents, and a lot of my family members are really Republican, as well.

From CNN:

An examination of the generic congressional ballot indicates, though, that Black voters, at this point, seem far less likely to vote Democratic than you might expect given their voting history.

Take a look at an average of polls — from CNN, Fox, Quinnipiac and Pew — over the last few months. Democrats have a 62-point lead among Black voters, 73% to 11%. That may seem large, but it’s small from a historical standpoint.

The 2020 network exit polls had Democrats winning the national House vote among Black voters by 75 points (87% to 12%). The data firm Catalist calculated that Democrats won by 79 points (89% to 10%). Averaged together, Black voters went Democratic by a 77-point margin in the 2020 House vote.

What current polls indicate is a 15-point decline from that margin among Black voters. For comparison, among Hispanic voters, Democrats are down 5 points from their 2020 House margin.

You’d have to go all the way back to 1990 to find any year, at least according to the exit polls, in which Democrats won the national House vote among Black voters by as little as their lead in the current polls.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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