Biden Campaign Meets with Top Nikki Haley Supporters in Attempt to Woo Anti-Trump Backers

Democrat President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is attempting to woo support from anti-Trump Republicans, according to reports.

Biden’s 2024 campaign is in real trouble, according to the polls and the general feeling among most reasonable pundits.

The Biden campaign is reaching far and wide to corral as much support as possible.

The Democrats are now even trying to pull backing from those unlikely to cast a vote for the elderly president.

Team Biden is now hoping to win over Republicans who don’t support President Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

According to ABC News, the Biden reelection campaign recently held a call with supporters of Nikki Haley in the wake of her announcement that she will vote for Trump in November.

The calls’ purpose was to reportedly garner favor with her supporters, as many of them are likely not fans of Trump, but certainly not Democrats.

Nevertheless, the Biden campaign is attempting to convince them that there are several common-ground issues they can meet on.

The outlet confirmed that Juan Peñalosa, the deputy political director of Biden’s reelection campaign, met with roughly 15 Haley supporters on a call this week.

ABC News noted:

“Those who met with Peñalosa included former members of Haley’s campaign leadership team for some states, Women for Haley, and other voters who supported the former United Nations ambassador’s presidential run.”

The organizer of the call was Robert Schwartz, executive director of the Haley Voters Working Group and co-founder of Primary Pivot.

Notably, it was reported that the call with Haley’s top supporters was planned before her announcement that she would vote for Trump in November.

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The outlet added:

Schwartz told ABC News that voters who appeared on the call were from several states, including Massachusetts, Virginia, Vermont, and the battleground states of Arizona and Georgia.

Given the nature of the call, social media users were quick to offer their thoughts on what was happening and why the call really took place.

“I think Nikki may have knowledge of what they’re ‘planning’ next to try to ‘get rid of’ PDJT & is making sure she can step into those shoes at the convention,” one X user wrote.

“She stated a couple days ago that she would be voting for Trump..

“But I think it’s just her trying to look like a ‘team player’ to get back into the good graces of MAGA.”

Another X user wrote:

“Her supporting Trump is just a fake!

“A matter of time she’ll pounce & steal Trump official nomination in RNC convention.”

Only time will tell if this is just the beginning of even more desperate, bizarre, and curious moves by the Biden campaign.

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