Biden Freezes Suddenly Mid-Speech While Attacking Trump

Democrat President Joe Biden suffered another brain freeze while addressing the nation about Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death.

He said he was “both not surprised and outraged” by the news.

Biden praised Navalny for standing up to “corruption, to violence, to all the bad things that the Putin government is doing.”

He also stated unequivocally that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for his death.

“Putin had him poisoned, he had him arrested, had him prosecuted for fabricated crimes, he sentenced him to prison,” Biden said.

“Even in prison, he was a powerful voice for the truth.”

Soon after that, the real reason for the address to the nation started to unfold.

Biden and the Democrats apparently sought to exploit the story to push for more funding for Ukraine and attack President Donald Trump.

“This tragedy reminds us of the stakes of this moment, we have to provide the funding so Ukraine can keep defending itself,” Biden claimed.

“I mean this in a literal sense: history is watching.

“History is watching the House of Representatives.”

“The failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten,” Biden continued.

“It’s going to go down in the pages of history… the clock is ticking and this has to happen.”

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Biden then shifted to attacking Republicans for working in their districts due to the House schedule.

From there, he segued into an attack on Trump.

“You know, we have to realize what we’re dealing with Putin,” he said.

“All of us should reject the dangerous statements made by the previous president that invited Russia to invade our NATO allies if they weren’t paying up.

“He said if an ally did not pay their dues, he encouraged Russia, to quote, ‘do whatever the hell they want.'”

Biden claimed it was “an outrageous thing for a president to say” when Trump suggested he wouldn’t come to the aid of attacked NATO countries that did not contribute their share.

Then he just froze mid-speech and fell silent for several seconds.

Biden then made a feeble attempt to recover from that glitch after he appeared to completely forget what he was saying.

“…hmmph…  I… guess I should .. clear my… mind a little bit… not say what I’m really thinking… but let me be clear,” he said after the long silence.

“This is an outrageous thing for a president to say.

“I can’t fathom… can’t fathom from Truman on, they’re rolling over their graves hearing in this.”


Then, during his attack on Republicans, Biden froze up mid-speech again.

It’s perhaps worth noting it was not during the Trump years that Russia threatened its neighbors or broader Europe.

It was, however, during the tenures of Biden and Obama most recently that Putin took to the warpath.

And don’t forget the distinction noted in 2016 by Salena Zito between taking Trump’s words seriously vs. literally.

In 2021, Biden threatened “devastating consequences” for Russia if Navalny died behind bars.

However, when asked this week what punishments would follow now that such a fate had played out didn’t have anything to say.

Instead, the president suggested that Russia has already faced a “hell of a lot” of consequences since Biden issued the threat.

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By David Lindfield
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