Biden Nominee Ordered Google to Hand over Emails of Journalist Who Obtained Ashley Biden’s Diary

Judge Sarah Netburn, who was nominated by Joe Biden to a lifetime judicial appointment, previously ordered Google to secretly hand over the private emails of a journalist who had obtained the diary of the Democrat president’s daughter Ashley.

Netburn has gained significant attention recently, especially following her recommendation regarding the transfer of a convicted male sex offender to a women’s federal prison.

On Wednesday, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned Netburn about this decision, sparking widespread interest in her career and background.

Netburn was eviscerated by Republican senators for alleged partisanship during her confirmation hearings this week.

Unmentioned, however, have been her actions in 2020.

A few years before she was nominated by Biden, Netburn signed off on an order that forced Google to secretly hand over to criminal investigators the personal emails of the journalist who had obtained Ashley’s diary.

As a federal magistrate judge in New York, Netburn signed the order compelling Google to provide information from a Project Veritas journalist’s personal email account, court records show.

Project Veritas purchased the diary after a woman said she found it when she moved into a room previously occupied by Ashley Biden.

Ashley Biden had reportedly left the dairy behind, along with other items, after a stint in rehab for drug and sex addiction.

The conservative-leaning journalism outfit ultimately decided not to publish the diary.

However, lawyers for Ashley Biden contacted the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York over the issue.

It turned the missing diary into a federal case.

The contents of the diary had the potential to be politically explosive.

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In the dairy, the president’s daughter discusses drug addiction and questions whether her sexual compulsion stemmed from Joe Biden allegedly showering with her as a child.

Netburn granted the ruling favorably to Ashley Biden, in spite of First Amendment implications, in December 2020.

The ruling came after Biden had “won” the presidential election but while President Donald Trump was still in office.

Three and a half years later, President Biden nominated Netburn for a lifetime appointment to the position of District Judge for the Southern District of New York.

The order signed by Netburn ordered Google to turn over information associated with the personal Gmail account of a Project Veritas journalist.

The order also forbade Google from letting the target know about it.

The secrecy of the order prevented Project Veritas from fighting the move.

“The information sought is relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation, and that disclosure to any person of this investigation of this application and order… would seriously jeopardize the investigation,” the order said.

The application for a search warrant was also sealed, making it unknown exactly what prosecutors told Netburn.

The case became public after prosecutors executed pre-dawn raids at the homes of three former Project Veritas journalists.

The raids drew condemnation from even left-leaning civil liberties groups.

Prosecutors eventually got warrants from Apple, Microsoft, and other providers from other magistrate judges, and pressed for them to remain sealed.

In 2022, Microsoft realized the case was already well-publicized, meaning the government could not legitimately argue for sealing them.

Prosecutors then relented, filing an order to end the non-disclosure orders, which Netburn signed.

In May 2022, Project Veritas’ lawyers wrote to Netburn that the subpoenas were “unprecedented government invasions into the newsgathering work of Project Veritas, which lawfully received an abandoned diary and other personal effects previously belonging to an adult child of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.”

“There is no potential crime to investigate, only First Amendment-protected newsgathering,” it wrote.

“While the government continues to peddle the lie that the diary — or other abandoned belongings — were ‘stolen,’ it has produced no support for its false claim.”

Precedent holds that “journalists may lawfully receive materials from sources even if that material is illegally obtained by sources themselves,” even if it were stolen, it argued.

The White House claims it was unaware of the order when Biden nominated Netburn, and that it was therefore not a factor in the decision.

“We are unaware of such a warrant and nothing regarding this case was a factor,” Biden’s deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement.

Last month, Aimee Harris was sentenced to a month in prison and three years of probation after pleading guilty to taking the diary and selling it to Project Veritas for $40,000.

Another man, Robert Kurlander, also pleaded guilty to involvement in a conspiracy involving the diary.

In the diary published by Marco Polo, Ashley allegedly writes that she was “hyper-sexualized @ a young age.”

She references “showers” with her dad that were “probably not appropriate.”

She writes this while contemplating her issues with sexual trauma.

The president’s daughter said she was “resentful” of her father because of “$, control.”

On September 16, 2019, she wrote, “I’m going to discontinue this journal after I leave here.”

Last month, Ashley Biden seemed to acknowledge that the diary was real in a victim impact statement that was originally filed under seal, but made public after the New York Times argued against its secrecy.

In the statement, Ashley Biden says the private diary’s publication has led to “grotesque lies” and that her “stream-of-consciousness thoughts” were misconstrued.

“My personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit,” she wrote.

“I ask Your Honor to sentence Ms. Harris to time in prison followed by lengthy probation.”

Netburn is up for a lifetime appointment to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

She is unlikely to receive Republican support after her failure to defend the decision to put a male sex offender in a female prison simply because he claimed to “identify” as “transgender.”

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By Frank Bergman

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