Biden Oblivious to ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ Proclamation on Easter Sunday: ‘I Didn’t Do That’

Democrat President Joe Biden is apparently oblivious to the so-called “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation that he supposedly made on Easter Sunday.

Biden was asked about the blasphemous proclamation by a reporter but flat-out denied it.

The president even suggested that he believed the question must have been based on a rumor from his “thoroughly uniformed” Republican critics.

When Biden was asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday to be “Transgender Day of Visibility,” he reportedly denied the claim, saying “I didn’t do that.”

However, the White House made the proclamation in an official statement that was supposedly made by Biden.

A statement, written in the first person, was also posted on Biden’s social media channels.

“Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you,” a post on X “from Biden” on Easter Sunday reads.

“You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity.”

However, when questioned about the proclamation, Biden seemed unaware that it had even been made by his handlers on his behalf.

“I didn’t do that,” Biden reportedly said when asked about the proclamation, according to RealClear Politics’ Philip Wegmann.

When asked about Speaker Johnson’s claim that he had made the proclamation, Biden replied, “he’s thoroughly uninformed.”

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However, the statement, signed by “Joseph R. Biden Jr.,” is still up on the White House website.

The denial from Biden has left many Americans questioning who is actually in charge at the White House.

Not only does Biden seem unaware of the proclamation but he’s apparently also completely oblivious to the controversy that surrounded it.

As Ian Miller noted on X:

“It’s hard to figure out which possibility is funnier here — that he has no idea what’s being said under his name in proclamations and public posts, or that he’s already forgotten what happened literally yesterday.”

Biden has faced a widespread backlash for marking Easter Sunday, the most solemn Christian holiday, as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Prominent Christians, politicians, and commentators flooded social media with criticism when the White House announced that March 31, which has been designated to honor the transgender movement since Biden took office, falls on Easter Sunday, one of the most important days for Christians, as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, Roman Catholic Cardinal Wilton Gregory took a swipe at President Biden’s alleged Catholic faith.

Gregory called Biden a “cafeteria Catholic” for picking and choosing parts of the faith while “ignoring or even contradicting” other aspects of his adherence, as Slay News reported.

Gregory, the archbishop of Washington D.C., was asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” whether he believes Biden’s long-touted Catholic roots will resonate with American Catholics in the upcoming 2024 election.

“I would say that he’s very sincere about his faith,” Gregory replied.

“But like a number of Catholics, he picks and chooses dimensions of the faith to highlight while ignoring or even contradicting other parts.

“There is a phrase that we have used in the past, a ‘cafeteria Catholic,’ you choose that which is attractive, and dismiss that which is challenging.”

Biden has repeatedly described himself as a “devout Catholic” who attends church regularly.

The White House has also used the term to describe Biden when defending his aggressive pro-choice stance on abortion.

CBS News host Ed O’Keefe pressed Gregory further.

He asked the country’s first black cardinal to identify aspects of the faith that seem to be forgotten by Biden.

Gregory appeared to give the president flak for his stance on abortion, telling the host that while he admires him “tremendously,” he hoped Biden would be more explicit in his personal belief as it relates to “life issues,” instead of manipulating dimensions of the faith for his “political advantage.”

“I would say there are things, especially in terms of life issues, there are things that he chooses to ignore, or he uses the current situation as a political pawn rather than saying, ‘Look, my church believes this, I’m a good Catholic, I would like to believe this’,” Gregory said.

“Rather than to twist and turn some dimensions of the faith as a political advantage.”


Biden has had a fractious relationship with the Catholic Church since gaining office.

In July 2021, Pope Francis criticized Biden’s views on abortion.

Francis argued that Biden’s faith and pro-choice views were a display of “incoherence.”

A Pew Research poll released in February found that a large majority of Americans were not convinced by Biden’s presentation of himself as a “devout Catholic.”

Just 13% of Americans thought of Biden as “very religious,” while 41% said he is “somewhat religious” and another 44% reported him as “not at all” or “not too religious” at the time.

President Donald Trump has also highlighted the friction between Biden’s faith and his stance on abortion.

Trump told a campaign crowd earlier this year that Catholics would be “crazy” to vote for Biden.

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By David Lindfield
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