Biden’s ‘Woke’ Ex-DOE Official Sam Brinton Gets Slap on Wrist in Luggage Theft Case

Democrat President Joe Biden’s disgraced former Department of Energy (DOE) official Sam Brinton has received a slap on the wrist for stealing women’s luggage from airports.

35-year-old Brinton, who claims to be “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns, escaped jail time when he received his sentence on Wednesday.

Brinton was caught on video stealing luggage from multiple airports.

However, he secured a sweet plea deal from prosecutors and was ordered to pay $3,670 to a victim and given a suspended sentence of 180 days in prison after pleading “no contest” to theft.

He was sentenced in Las VegasNevada court this week, eight months after he was filmed stealing a passenger’s bags inside Harry Reid International Airport.

Brinton was convicted on misdemeanor theft charges, which amount to less than $1,200 in stolen items.

However, he had originally faced a felony theft charge since police said the amount stolen was $3,670.

According to Las Vegas court records, “gender fluid” Brinton, who was responsible for nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, was also told by a judge to stay out of trouble while he was given a slap on the wrist.

A suspended sentence means the “woke” former DOE employee will not serve any jail or prison term and may be required to complete probation.

The situation began when a woman who had been traveling from Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. to Harry Reid Airport on July 6 said she could not find her luggage, as Slay News reported last year.

The woman told officials that one piece which had been checked with United Airlines was missing.

She later filed a police report.

According to officials, the suitcase alone was worth $320 and was from the ‘Away’ brand.

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Inside the luggage was more than $3,000 in stolen items including jewelry, makeup, contact lenses, and clothing, documents said.

When officials began investigating and looked at security footage, they noticed “gender-fluid” Brinton.

Police identified Brinton as “the suspect” and noted he was acting strange.

Officers “observed several nonverbal cues, or body language anomalies, from the suspect, which caught his attention,” according to the warrant.

“Specifically, Brinton pulled the victim’s luggage from the carousel and examined the tag,” the warrant continues.

“Then placed it back on the carousel, looking in all directions for anyone who might be watching or might approach.

“Pulling it back off the carousel and demonstrating the same behavior by looking around before walking away with it quickly,” the document states.

The case went unresolved for months until one officer saw a news article in November that identified Brinton as a suspect in another luggage theft.

Brinton had been implicated in a theft inside the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on September 16.

Police realized that Brinton’s photos matched the suspect in the Las Vegas incident.

Detectives continued to investigate and found photos posted to Brinton’s Instagram of him in the same t-shirt in a photo posted on July 6.

The case against Brinton in Minneapolis is ongoing at this time.

If found guilty in that case, Brinton could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

However, judging by the sentencing in Las Vegas, justice in the Minneapolis case seems unlikely.

According to the complaint in that incident, Brinton removed a tag from a woman’s luggage and walked out.

The items inside were appraised at $2,325.

American Airlines later confirmed that Brinton had not checked a bag on his flight from Washington D.C.

However, he did check in a bag on the return flight which appeared to be the stolen suitcase.

The victim was shown footage of Brinton with the suitcase, she confirmed that it was her luggage.

On top of the charges in Las Vegas and Minneapolis, Brinton is also under investigation in another stolen luggage case.

As Slay News previously reported, a fashion designer saw pictures of Brinton wearing her unique designs to high-profile events.

Asya Khamsin said the one-off clothes Brinton was pictured wearing were lost in a bag that was stolen in 2018.

Khamsin said her bag went missing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and that she believes Brinton is the culprit.

She spotted the clothes amid the ongoing coverage of Brinton and reported the theft to Houston Police in December.

Khamsin claimed that Brinton has been seen wearing her custom-made outfits on several occasions since her luggage went missing five years ago.

The fashion guru, based in Houston, shared side-by-side photos of herself wearing one of her outfits next to a photo that surfaced of Brinton in what is clearly the same item.

Since then, numerous photos have surfaced showing Brinton wearing what appear to be several of Khamsin’s stolen one-of-a-kind outfits.

Before he was fired, Brinton was a deputy assistant secretary of the office of spent fuel and waste disposition, according to the Office of Nuclear Energy’s website.

Shortly after an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest in Las Vegas, the department announced he was no longer an employee.

He was first hired to sever in the department last summer.

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