Bill Barr: Trump ‘Deserves Enormous Credit for Sparing Nation a Clinton Presidency’

Former Attorney General William Barr has said that President Donald Trump “deserves enormous credit” for preventing a Hillary Clinton presidency.

In his new book, Barr condemns the Left’s reaction to Trump’s election win in 2016, calling the initial opposition to his victory “contemptible.”

Barr wrote the country was “in no mood for four more years of Obama-era progressivism and Clintonian mendacity.”

Trump “deserves enormous credit for sparing the nation a Clinton presidency,” he insists.

“The collective meltdown of the political and cultural elite, together with the bewildered response of the mainstream media, was something to behold. Trump’s adversaries, powerful as they were, had no idea what to think,” Barr writes in his new book, One Damn Thing After Another.

“He had done it,” he continues.

“No tactic, no matter how abusive, was out of bounds if it helped destroy his administration.

“The ends truly justified any means.

“Talk of impeachment began the moment he won office.

“The survival of our democratic system depends on our capacity to transfer power peacefully through elections.

“At a minimum, that means political leaders and the citizenry have to accept the results of elections and the legitimacy of duly elected governments.

“I thought this was essential in 2016, just as I later thought it was in 2020.”

Barr criticized the group of liberal activists and political and media elites who opposed Trump’s presidency and called themselves “the resistance,” saying they were “beyond the pale.”

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“It is typically used to describe an insurgency against an occupying military power and connotes an illegitimate government.

“Use of this word was grossly irresponsible, as was the media’s failure to censure it.”

Barr said Trump’s political opponents “viewed themselves essentially as guerrillas engaged in a war to cripple a duly elected government, even if it meant that the country would suffer as a result.”

Barr wondered what could have been if Trump had received a “honeymoon” period of high approval ratings or “had been met by a modicum of good faith on the other side.”

“We will never know, but I believe the country would have benefited and likely seen more of the constructive, problem-solving style of government that President Trump previewed on election night, and less of the combativeness that came to define his term,” Barr wrote.

Barr also complimented Trump for stopping Hillary from getting into the White House.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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