Bill Burr Shreds Megan Rapinoe: ‘You’re Playing in a 20,000-Seat Arena, 1,500 People Show Up’

Comedian Bill Burr has slammed “woke” women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe for demanding equal pay in a sport that doesn’t generate much revenue.

Rapinoe and her leftist teammates have been campaigning for equal pay in women’s soccer, despite men’s teams drawing huge crowds during games, unlike female events.

Burr has a new special out on Netflix, “Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks.”

He calls out Rapinoe and other female athletes for blaming men for unequal pay when women don’t come out to watch their teams.

Burr said of the USWNT Soccer team: “You’re playing in a 20,000-seat arena — 1,500 people show up.

“That’s not a good night!

“The promoter lost his f*cking ass on that gig.”

“Look at the WNBA, they have been playing in front of 300 to 400 people a night for a quarter of a century,” he continues.

“Not to mention, it’s a male-subsidized league.

“We gave you a league and none of you showed up.

“Where are all the feminists?

“That place should be packed with feminists — faces painted, wearing jerseys, going f—ing nuts like the guys do.

“None of you went to the f—ing games.

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“You failed them. Not me.

“Not men. Women failed the WNBA.

“Ladies, name your Top 5 WNBA players of all time.

“Name 5 WNBA teams.

“Name the WNBA team in your city. You can’t do it!”

“Meanwhile, you look at the Kardashians: they’re making billions.

“You look at those Real Housewives shows, they’re making money hand over fist!

“Because that’s what women are watching and the money listens.

“The money listens.

“You’d rather watch that s–t, Real Housewives, just a bunch of women tearing each other down.

“That’s the message you send: We’d rather watch that than a bunch of women come together as a team and try to achieve a common goal.

“We’d rather watch them absolutely f—ing destroy each other!” he said.

“And then, in the end, you come back and you yell at f—ing guys.”

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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