Bill Gates Calls for Sovereign Nations to Surrender Health Authority to WHO

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is calling on the leaders of sovereign nations to surrender the authorities of their countries to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “global health emergency corps.”

Gates argues that the WHO should be viewed as a “fire department for pandemics” that seizes control of nations on a global level during health emergencies.

Speaking in a New York Times op-ed published Sunday, Gates voiced his support for the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty.

The WHO’s treaty will essentially establish an unelected global regime that will override local laws with global protocols if the United Nations agency declares a health emergency.

The organization argues that a single governing body is essential for handling future pandemics.

By creating a single global authority, the WHO would be able to order once-sovereign nations to roll out vaccination and mask mandates, vaccine passports, widespread lockdowns, and other totalitarian pandemic measures, all under international law for the sake of public health.

All 194 of the WHO member nations are set to vote on the amendments and finalize the new treaty by May 2024.

Democrat President Joe Biden has already confirmed that he plans to approve and sign the amendments and is pushing to do so without congressional approval.

In a recent press release, the Biden admin publicly affirmed the U.S. federal government’s commitment to the agreement.

The accord will give the Chinese Communist Party-linked WHO ultimate control over U.S. pandemic policies such as lockdowns, censorship, masking, vaccine mandates, and public surveillance.

The new global laws would, for example, override the constitutional rights of Americans.

The White House wants to bypass submitting this agreement for Senate approval, arguing that it is not an official treaty despite it having the full force of one.

Not only has the White House committed to signing the agreement, but it was also Biden himself who initiated the amendments in 2021.

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Gates insists that the Covid pandemic has made the Who’s treaty essential.

“We can’t afford to get caught flat-footed again,” Gates wrote in the essay.

Three years since on the WHO first described COVID-19 as a pandemic, Gates said it “marked the culmination of a collective failure to prepare for pandemics, despite many warnings.”

The Microsoft co-founder has been outspoken on disease outbreaks for many years, delivering a TED talk in 2015 urging that a pandemic is “the greatest risk of global catastrophe.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says it donated more than $2 billion to the global COVID-19 response since January 2020.

Last May, Gates published the book “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.”

A 2021 study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which analyzed outbreaks of infectious diseases over the past 400 years, found that there’s a 38% probability of a pandemic similar to COVID-19 occurring in a person’s lifetime.

This probability could double in the coming decades, the study claims.

“I worry that we’re making ‌‌the same mistakes again,” Gates said in his NY Times essay.

“The world hasn’t done as much to get ready for the next pandemic as I’d hoped.”

But he added he was “optimistic” about the global health emergency corps.

These global health leaders will control the public “Just as firefighters run drills to practice responding to a fire, the Emergency Corps plans to run drills to practice for outbreaks,” according to Gates.

First announced last October, it is part of a WHO strategy designed to be achieved by 2030.

In a January report, the WHO said: “All countries should be able to call on a national professional network of trusted and trained national experts … in order to prevent and be operationally ready to rapidly detect and respond to new health threats.”

“The Global Health Emergency Corps will represent massive progress toward a pandemic-free future,” Gates wrote in the Times.

“The ‌question ‌‌is whether we have the foresight to invest in that future now before it’s too late.”

Gates’ comments in the New York Times were published just as Slay News reported on the disaster linked to his vaccines in Africa.

An oral vaccine developed by Microsoft co-founder Gates’ foundation has triggered a polio outbreak in the African country Burundi.

Health officials have reported that seven children have been paralyzed by the virus so far.

The children were paralyzed by vaccine-derived polio linked to the new nOPV2 polio vaccine, according to health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI)

The nOPV2 polio vaccine was developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Burundi has now declared a national emergency after confirming eight cases of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement.

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