‘Woke’ Left Implodes as CNN Signs Bill Maher: ‘That Smug Face’

The “woke” Left has imploded over the news that CNN has signed a deal with talk show host Bill Maher.

CNN has just announced that it will start airing Maher’s “Overtime” post-show segment.

However, the Left is outraged that Maher, an old-school liberal with outspoken anti-woke views, will soon be broadcast on the leftist network CNN.

Maher’s criticisms of the radical “woke” agenda have caused many on the Left to claim he’s “right-wing,” despite the fact that he’s an open longtime Democrat.

Leftists have been taking to Twitter to trash Maher’s “smug face” during their public meltdowns.

Far-left propagandist Cenk Uygur, said: “Bill Maher is actually perfect for CNN to be honest.

“False equivalencies, propping up right-wing culture war talking points, fighting for the status quo and that smug face.

“Tapper might get jealous because he might be outsmugged.”

MSNBC reporter Mehdi Hasan said: “Hmm. Bill Maher is obsessed with this idea that ‘cancel culture is out of control.’

“Yet Maher himself just got a new CNN gig, despite saying outrageous things about Muslims, Arabs, and trans people; making crass jokes about Asians; & using the N-word on TV.

“Cancel culture? Ok”

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He realized how ridiculous he sounded and added:

“To be clear: I’m not saying no one is ever ‘canceled’ or that there’s no censorship; I’m saying that the right-wing, reactionary white men who shout loudest about it almost always seem to do fine themselves.”

Media leftist Keith Olbermann said:

“So Bill Maher’s leftovers will run on @cnn Friday night.

“As a veteran guest on that show – not that this is going to top the CNN 92k demo rating average – what about the profanity?”

CNN said in a statement:

“HBO’s popular post-show segment OVERTIME is coming to CNN on Friday nights at 11:30pm ET.

“Starting Friday, February 3rd it will air during CNN Tonight.

“OVERTIME features Maher and his guests continuing the discussion and answering viewer questions following each week’s episode of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER.

“Topics include news of the day, culture, business, politics, and more.

“Maher headlined his first special on HBO in 1989 and has starred in 12 HBO solo specials to date.

“Recognized as having the ability to ‘consistently get people talking’ and an ‘eclectic guest list,’ Maher’s OVERTIME joins several other recent partnerships between HBO and CNN.

“The executive producers of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER are Bill Maher, Sheila Griffiths, Marc Gurvitz, Dean Johnsen, Billy Martin; co-executive producer, Chris Kelly; producer, Matt Wood; director, Paul Casey,” CNN said.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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