Bill Maher Stuns Guest, Says He Will Move to DeSantis’ Florida If California Crosses Line

Bill Maher stunned his podcast guest by declaring that he would move to Florida if California politicians cross the line with his personal health.

The liberal host made the comments to conservative broadcaster Dave Rubin on Maher’s new podcast, Club Random.

Maher said: “Isn’t that funny Miami used to be thought of as The Golden Girls and old and now too wild well it’s both I mean it’s South South Beach is not the Golden Girls but it certainly is still God’s waiting room the southern end of Florida absolutely, but no I I get it about Florida.

“I’ve talked about Florida a lot.

“It’s a love-hate relationship but so is my relationship with California, but I ain’t going anywhere, who am I kidding I mean it’s just I’m too dug in and my friends are here and my studio is here and there’s still some great things about California.

Rubin, who just moved from California to Florida, said the crime drove him out:

“I could not take it, like two weeks into all the lockdowns and everything I knew it was never coming back, it was you know I had I also didn’t live, you’re in a pretty Swank spot obviously, I was off Ventura where the riots were going by my house.

Maher said:

“Their overreaction in my view and their limited ability to understand that place look I want to be a team player, but you can’t get inside my body.

“I am pro-choice but I’ve always said I totally understand their side, and I don’t like it when people say oh they just hate women.

“They don’t hate women, they think it’s murder and I don’t agree with that but I totally respect it, and I get it.

“It is not a life but it’s undeniably becoming a life, it is a gray area I get it that’s different, this is my body, this is my body, my health and to pretend that you have enough information with all the things they’ve been wrong everything.

“I’m talking about, I’m talking about medicine in general all the things they’ve been wrong about, not mostly because they’re corrupt, just because we don’t know that much and all the things they don’t know and are still knowing, and every week there’s some new story about something.

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“I always say they should somebody should write a book about medicine and called it call it, ‘Now you tell me.’

“Like they just found out that metabolism, which they always thought slowed down in age actually doesn’t, now you tell me.

“You know all the drugs they pulled off the market because they said they were safe and effective but they weren’t.

“It’s like you don’t have a monopoly on what the truth is about medicine and we’re all individuals.

“My profile is different than somebody else’s profile, so what might be right for them, what I recommend is as many vaccines and boosters for people who are 100 pounds overweight, you probably need them, I don’t or I don’t think I don’t and that should be my decision.

“And even if it, even if it did affect, you which it doesn’t because we know that having the vaccine you can still transfer it just as easy or get it, so that’s a red herring argument to begin with, it shouldn’t involve that but even if it did it’s still my body.

“I want to be a team player, I want to help everybody, but you can’t come inside my body, yeah, so that’s the one area where I could see having to decamp from here, and that would be a terrible thing in this country where you can’t live in the state you want to live in because of some government policy about medicine.”

Maher said later:

“Raw nerve with me on this issue that could make me go to Florida or anywhere.

You know what if California says I have to take shots and DeSantis says I don’t, hello Florida that’s what I’ll say about DeSantis.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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