Bill Maher Drops F-Bomb on CNN as Guests Defend Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Bill Maher’s guests defended Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders on a portion of his show that aired on CNN last night.

The conversation caused Maher to drop his first curse word since CNN started to air “Overtime” on Friday night.

“Overtime” airs after HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

After the show, Maher and his guests take questions from viewers and one tried to slam Sanders as a “nepotism baby.”

Shockingly, Bill’s liberal guests responded by defending Sanders from the charge, saying she earned her job fair and square.



MAHER: Right. All right. To the panel, does the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is — does the fact that — this is written by Elaine (ph). But Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Nepo baby does it detract from her political accomplishment?

I guess they were hearing me talk about the Huckabee dynasty. But, yes, that’s a big saying these days, Nepo baby. You know what that is? It is like — you mostly refer to people in showbusiness as Nepo.

Anybody whose mother or father was a star and then you’re a star, that makes you a Nepo baby. I could name many of them. They’re very upset about being called that.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon as many people have out here. It’s fine if your parents were in show business. Just don’t say, as I’ve heard some of them say, well, it wasn’t any easier for me. Yes, it was.

It was easier, or the other thing they say a lot is, well, it just got me in the door. Well, that’s a lot of it in show business.


MAHER: is getting in the door. Anybody can act. It’s not that f*cking hard. Oh, sorry.

Sorry, CNN. I know. I forgot. You’re not supposed to — Not on HBO.

SOLTIS ANDERSON: When you’re in politics, one of the things that you want generally is higher name I.D.

When a pollster like me goes out and they do a survey, we want to know how many people know what your name is at all. And if you have —

MAHER: Right.

SOLTIS ANDERSON: — a dad or increasingly a mom that has been in politics before, it does make it easier for voters to just go, I liked your dad.

MAHER: George Bush —

SOLTIS ANDERSON: So, you know.

MAHER: — the second, that guy, when he ran, he went to the top of the polls, I remember this story, I think, in 1999, the people thought it was his father.

That is what they were responding to. He had the same name and, oh, George Bush is running again. He was a one-timer, he could do it.

PAUL BEGALA, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: And Franklin Roosevelt’s cousin, Teddy, was president before him.

MAHER: Sure.

BEGALA: John Quincy Adams’s dad was president before.

I mean, there is a tradition of that in America.

But you still have — I don’t support Governor Sanders. I don’t know her. I probably wouldn’t like her.

But she earned that job fair and square. She won — by the way, she didn’t cheat. Nobody cheated. It wasn’t rigged.

She won the election fair and square and she’s entitled, I think, to the respect that a governor of a state.

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By David Hawkins

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