Democrat City Breaks 30-Year-Old Homicide Record as Lawlessness Runs Out of Control

Democrat-controlled Philadelphia has broken its record for homicides this year, with a full month of 2021 still to come.

The city has already exceeding the previous record of 500 murders recorded in 1990.

Philadelphia has seen an average of one homicide every 16 hours this year amid a very dramatic surge in violent crime.

The breaking of a thirty year record clearly gives the lie to the notion that the violent crime surge in the United States is being exaggerated.

In 2021, Philadelphia is now more dangerous than it has ever been.

City breaks 30-year-old record with murder of 55-year-old woman

The killing which tied the 1990 record was that of a 55-year-old woman who was reportedly shot three times by her estranged husband on a street in broad daylight, as she pleaded for help from nearby pedestrians.

The police requested after the shooting that the murderer please turn himself in and the city council president responded by asking the people of Philadelphia to “please stop shooting each other.”

Two very effective requests, surely. Only days before this killing a 32-year-old pregnant woman was shot 12 times right after leaving her baby shower.

A Temple University student who was due to graduate next year was shot and killed outside of his apartment after returning from a Thanksgiving spent with his family.

All of these killings took place within a few days of each other in the same city. And those are only a few of the shootings which took place in that period which resulted in deaths.

The police commissioner emphasized that the 500 dead are all individuals who were taken too soon from their families, rather than mere statistics contributing to each grim new milestone for the city.

Social workers and community programs not doing much to stop murderers

Speaking of numbers and milestones, it is very possible that Philadelphia could reach 550 before the end of the year.

Maybe even 600 if the local murderers pick up the pace on the home stretch.

The city certainly doesn’t seem to be able to do anything other than counting corpses.

The city council president  appeared to be at a loss as he discussed the new record at a press conference.

Why is this still happening, he asked, even after the city poured $155 million into community groups?

Perhaps the city council is getting a little closer to understanding that the answer to violent crime is not more social workers and community programs.

Philadelphia has no business investing into rebuilding communities while the hemorrhaging is still getting continually worse. Stopping violent crime is the first priority.

You don’t stop a raging forest fire by planting new trees.

Speaking of fires, Philadelphia hosted some of the more fiery rioting of 2020 and responded by tearing down offensive statues and promising to reform policing.

Shockingly, none of this did anything to convince violent criminals to turn in their guns and become productive and peaceful members of society.

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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