Boeing Whistleblower Warned before Death: ‘It’s NOT Suicide’

The sudden death of Boeing whistleblower John Barnett is continuing to grow even more suspicious after his close friend just revealed the bone-chilling warning he made shortly before he was found dead of an apparent “suicide.”

As Slay News reported, Barnett died on March 9 at the age of 62.

He was found dead in his vehicle after being killed by, what police have described as, a “self-inflicted wound.”

Prior to his death, Barnett had “been giving evidence in a whistleblower lawsuit against the company,” per the BBC.

After working with Boeing for 32 years, Barnett retired from the company in 2017 for health reasons.

From 2010, he worked as a quality manager at the North Charleston plant making the 787 Dreamliner, a state-of-the-art airliner used mainly on long-haul routes, according to the BBC.

In 2019, Barnett told the BBC that under-pressure workers had been deliberately fitting sub-standard parts to aircraft on the production line.

He continued to expose major safety issues with the aircraft company and blew the whistle on efforts to cover up the issues.

While Boeing denied all of his claims, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed in 2017 that some of his arguments had merit.

After revealing that Boeing neglected safety concerns, Barnett accused the company of retaliating against him for his disclosures.

He died on March 9 during a break from depositions in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit.

“Barnett’s death came during a break in depositions in a whistleblower retaliation suit, where he alleged under-pressure workers were deliberately fitting sub-standard parts to aircraft on the assembly line.” the Daily Mail reported.

Charleston police said Barnett was found in his truck “suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.”

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According to the Daily Mail, Barnett was reportedly found with a “silver handgun” in his hand and his finger on the trigger.

In the wake of his death, a suicide note was reportedly found near Barnett.

However, the circumstances surrounding his death are raising questions and skepticism among his legal team.

His attorneys, Robert Turkewitz and Brian Knowles, have publicly questioned the conclusion that Barnett took his own life.

Instead, they are urging the Charleston police for a thorough investigation.

They emphasized Barnett’s upbeat spirits before his scheduled deposition.

They expressed a firm disbelief that he would commit suicide.

Police have conducted an extensive examination of Barnett’s vehicle.

However, this is a process not typically associated with clear-cut suicides, further adding to the mystery.

Police investigators have also dusted his car for fingerprints, according to reports.

Witnesses are also continuing to speak out to assert that Barnett was not suicidal.

On the evening preceding his death, hotel staff members also recounted Barnett appearing completely normal.

And now, a close family friend of Barnett disclosed the haunting premonition he made before his untimely death.

In a shocking revelation to ABC News, Jennifer, whose mother has been lifelong friends with Barnett’s mom, shared that Barnett had expressed concerns about being “suicided.”

He feared that he would be murdered in a scenario falsely framed as suicide.

Jennifer recounted her conversations with Barnett during an interview with ABC.

She emphasizes his love for life and dismisses any possibility that he could have taken his own life.

“He wasn’t concerned about safety because I asked him,” she said.

“I said, ‘Aren’t you scared?’

“And his voice and the way he would talk, ‘no, I ain’t scared.’

“He said, ‘But if anything happens to me, it’s NOT suicide.’

“I know that he did not commit suicide.

“There’s no way. He loved life too much.

“He loved his family too much.

“He loved his brothers too much to put them through what they’re going through right now.”


Barnett’s premonition has now become a chilling focal point for those demanding a thorough investigation into his death.

His warning has now ignited deeper speculation and concern over potential foul play.

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By Frank Bergman

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