Dan Bongino: Secret Service Agents Are ‘Furious’ with White House and ‘Know’ Who’s Behind Cocaine

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has spoken out against the conclusion of the White House cocaine “investigation” after speaking with his former colleagues.

As Slay News reported, the Secret Service concluded the probe last week after just a few days and claimed that “no suspects” had been identified.

According to the elite law enforcement agency, someone was able to smuggle a white powder into the West Wing of Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House and get away with it.

However, only a handful of people at the most would ever be able to walk into the White House with cocaine.

There are cameras at the West Executive Entrance, multiple checkpoints and searches, and even a visitor log.

Nevertheless, the agency that is tasked with stopping assassins and terror threats apparently couldn’t crack the code.

According to Bongino, who has over a decade of experience as a Secret Service agent, his peers aren’t happy about this.

Bongino weighed in on the case during an interview with The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan.



BONGINO: “So there’s probably less than 200 people who could have left this cocaine, by the way, in a bag which is plastic, which is non-porous, meaning it’s probably not that hard to pull a latent print.

“They’ve got to know who did it. The question who’s pressuring them to not find out who did it? And it’s gotta be coming from this White House. This is terrible. Don’t destroy this agency like the FBI. It’s really unbecoming.

“A lot of my former colleagues at the Secret Service who retired, they are absolutely furious about this. Oh yeah, yeah, I can tell you, I got 50 emails, communications, texts from people: ‘This is embarrassing, humiliating.’

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“These are good guys, man, guys who worked for Obama and Bush, non-partisan guys, most of them aren’t even political. This is embarrassing, they know exactly who it was.”

OLOHAN: “So do these people want it come out that it was probably Hunter Biden?”

BONGINO: “Well, you know, the question is whether it was Hunter or one of his friends.

“But like here’s the thing. I’m in the Secret Service for 12 years, a good amount of times. We never had this problem.

“So nobody, by Occam’s razor, right, the process of deduction, keep it simple stupid, Occam’s razor.

“You’ve got this guy, we never found coke in there before. You’ve got a dude who’s doing coke on tape, who’s got a reputation for being a coke addict.

“He’s living in the White House. He’s there on Friday. The coke’s found there on Sunday, and everybody is like, ‘Gosh, who could it be.'”

One of the things that Bongino says that’s not transcribed above is that the West Wing is a totally different ballgame than the East Wing.

Almost all the tours happen in the latter part of the White House, which is why the story about it being found in the library was immediately spun as proof it was a tourist.

When it was finally confirmed it was found at the West Executive Entrance, though, that changed things.

Suddenly, the list of possible suspects narrowed dramatically, and still, we are to believe the Secret Service just couldn’t figure it out.

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By David Lindfield
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