Border Patrol Union: ‘Biden Ordered Release of over 100,000 Illegal Border Crashers’ This Month Alone

The Border Patrol Union has just put Democrat President Joe Biden on notice by revealing the staggering number of “illegal border crashers” that have been released into the United States interior.

The Union published a shocking report about how many illegal border crossers the Biden administration has allowed in America in the last 20 days.

According to the report, the Biden admin has released over 100,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. this month alone.

The Union said:

“From Sept 1st through 20th the Biden Admin ordered the release of more than 100,000 illegal border crashers–enough to double the population of cities like Yuma, AZ.

“Think about what Biden is doing to this country with his out-of-control border policies.

“How many millions more?”

Migrants are not eligible for asylum if they are coming here to work, that is the law.

However, Biden is breaking this law every day.

One reporter highlighted the sheer scale of the number of economic migrants that are flooding the border by meeting with the illegal aliens being bussed to New York City.

When the reporter asks migrants why they are in America, they say to work (Trabajo).

From Breitbart:

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As the cab zipped uptown along Madison Ave and turned onto Park Ave, I typed into the app, “New York is the best city in America, one of the most interesting cities in the world. No one does anything for you, but you can always figure something out for yourself.”

He nodded as he read.

He seemed to have a wave of dread come over him.

“Where are you from?” I texted.


I typed again, “What do you want to do in New York?”



“Are you ok?”


When we hit 70th and Lexington, a few blocks from our destination, the cab pulled over — there was a garbage truck inching down 70th.

“What’s your name,” I typed into the app.


“Emma,” I said, shaking the man’s hand as he looked around at this strange new world he found himself in — this was not Port Authority, and this was definitely not Venezuela.

As we headed east down 70th, we passed two men wearing construction gear, sitting on a stoop speaking Spanish.

I stopped and introduced them to Alfonzo; part of surviving in this city is learning how to be on the lookout for opportunities.

“He just got here from Venezuela via Texas, you think he can work with you,” I asked.

One of the men stood up, seeming put off by my effort to make the introduction.

“There’s a 40-hour OSHA course he needs to take. He needs ID.”

I insisted he repeat that again in Spanish, and give me his number for Alfonzo, if he needed help figuring out the course; the man begrudgingly agreed.

When we finally arrived at Beach and ordered breakfast, we got to “talking,” passing my phone back and forth.

“How long did the bus ride from Texas take?”

“Three days.”

“Did you spend any time in Texas?”

“No, we went straight onto the bus.”

“Is this your first time in America?”


“Do you have a wife? Children? Where are they?”

“Yes. They are in Chile; I will bring them here.”

Alfonzo’s plan to send for his wife and kids later isn’t unusual.

In fact, it’s common.

Within months or possibly a year, it’s likely Alfonzo will be holding a job, illegally, and help pay smugglers to bring his wife and children across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Under Biden’s current policies, they’ll quickly be released into the United States and, just like that, an entire family with no ties to America are now U.S. residents.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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