Brian Stelter ‘Fears’ Trump Will be ‘Cruel’ to Biden during Debate

Former CNN anchor Brian Stelter is raising concerns that President Donald Trump may be an unpredictable force during next week’s first 2024 presidential debate.

Stelter warns that there’s a “danger” Trump will be “cruel” to Democrat President Joe Biden during their first rematch on the debate stage.

“I think the danger or the fear with this debate is that Donald Trump’s going to try to make it much more about personality and personal issues,” Stelter said Thursday on CNN.

“Just to boil it down, how cruel is Trump going to be?

“How cruel will he be to Biden?”

Stelter claims that moments where Trump is insulting or otherwise demeaning Biden during the upcoming debate could outshine policy disagreements.

He warns that such incidents “might really become viral in ways that could be positive or negative, and no one knows for sure.”

The debate is scheduled for June 27 in Atlanta.

It is suspiciously much earlier than in any previous election cycle.

The timing of the debate has sparked speculation as to how both candidates will approach the event.

In general, Stelter said, Trump is a far more unpredictable debate opponent than Biden.

“For Trump, it’s anyone’s guess,” Stelter said.

“He’s claiming he’s not going to be prepping the way Biden is, so it’s anyone’s guess.”

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For Biden, the upcoming debate is a “chance to raise the salience of Trump controversies and scandals and bring those home to Americans,” Stelter added.

“Those are the moments I think Biden’s going to want to create to try to clip,” Stelter said.

Stelter, who interviewed former debate moderators for Vanity Fair, said previous debates were more focused on “policy questions” and “substance questions.”

However, he also said both candidates will likely approach the debate “assuming that people have not been paying attention” to politics.

He added that he expects both candidates to assume viewers are generally unaware of Biden’s lawfare attacks against Trump.

Both Trump and Biden are using the final days before the debate in markedly different ways.

Trump has so far avoided any mock debates with his team.

Instead, he is focusing heavily on meeting with close allies and hitting the campaign trail.

Meanwhile, Biden has opted to hunker down in the days leading up to what is expected to be a historic clash.

Earlier this week, he went to Camp David where he will remain to prep with his advisers until the debate.

Trump has been gathering with Republican allies for private meetings in recent weeks as he looks ahead to the debate.

Those allies include a handful of those in contention to be his vice presidential running mate, senators, and other policy experts.

His campaign has characterized the meetings as “policy discussions.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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