Canadian Doctors Admit Covid ‘Booster’ Shot Paralyzed Woman, Offer to Euthanize Her to ‘Make Up for It’

Canadian doctors have admitted that a Covid “booster” shot from Moderna is responsible for a young Ontario woman now being paralyzed for the rest of her life.

37-year-old mother Kayla Pollock is now paralyzed from the neck down after receiving the mRNA injection and says her life has become a “living hell.”

According to a report from The Liberty Daily, however, doctors have offered to “make up for it” by euthanizing the young mom.

The doctors suggested that Pollock should apply for Canada’s controversial Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program and said they would help her application get accepted.

As Slay News has reported, Canada has some of the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world.

In recent years, the government has been increasingly relaxing the laws that were originally meant to give terminally ill people an option for dying.

However, the expansion of the laws means people can now be euthanized for far less severe issues such as depressionhomelessness, or mental illness.

The laws have even been expanded to include “mature minors” with a push to expand to infants.

In recent months, the North American nation has been ramping up efforts to accelerate the euthanasia of mentally ill citizens.

However, Canada’s government has recently been forced to halt its controversial program to euthanize mentally ill patients after large numbers of doctors have refused to participate in the scheme.

Nevertheless, applications for euthanizing disabled Canadians have never been simpler.

In fact, Canada is now euthanizing dozens of citizens every single day.

According to The Canadian Independent, Pollock’s life took a drastic turn after receiving a Moderna Covid mRNA “booster” shot.

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She experienced paralysis from the neck down and has been enduring a challenging ordeal ever since.

When the pandemic struck, Kayla recalls the mainstream media, politicians, and public health officials emphasizing the severity of the virus and urging everyone to get vaccinated.

She remembers health officials specifically advising that those at highest risk should prioritize getting vaccinated.

Kayla heeded the advice of health officials and received the first two Pfizer shots in the middle of 2021 and didn’t experience any issues.

Additionally, she mentions another reason for getting vaccinated was because her father resided in a long-term care facility with dementia, and vaccination was going to be a requirement for entry into the care home.

Kayla then decided to take a booster, but this time it was a Moderna booster shot.

According to Kayla, Moderna was being given out instead of Pfizer.

Kayla says that something didn’t sit right in her gut, but she went ahead with the Moderna booster shot anyway.

She explains her reasoning for getting the third shot was because she felt like a third one would be mandated at some point to get access to her dad’s long-term care home.

She received the Moderna booster shot on January 11, 2022.

Four days later, Kayla described a situation where her legs just gave out, and she collapsed, but all seemed fine a short time later.

Then, nine days later, she experienced a similar event, and at that time, she called her doctor, asking to see a neurologist because she suspected something wasn’t right.

On the morning of February 22, 2022, Kayla’s life took an irreversible turn.

As she awoke, she couldn’t move her body.

Later, Kayla would learn that she had developed transverse myelitis, a condition that interrupts the transmission of messages along the spinal cord nerves throughout the body.

She would go on to spend several months in the hospital.

During her hospital stay, she said she came under increasing pressure from doctors to submit to euthanasia.

She revealed that she was forced to reject offers to be put in for MAID on two occasions during her hospital stay.

After being released from the hospital, doctors have told her that she will never walk again.

They also admitted that the “booster” was to blame and again offered to help her get approved for MAID, which she rejected, again.

An organization called Veterans 4 Freedom has stepped in to help Kayla and has set up a GiveSendGo campaign to help her raise funds for a service dog.

As The Liberty Daily notes, the story serves as a “damnation of Canada’s socialized healthcare system.”


Read Kalya Pollack’s full story here.

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