Candace Owens Puts Joe Biden On Notice: “It’s a referendum on Joe Biden’s presidency and a referendum on Democrats as a whole”

Candace Owens put President Joe Biden on notice and reminded Joe and all the viewers of Fox News what is really at stake in the critical Virginia Governor’s race today.

Tucker Carlson asked Candace, “What do you think is at stake, am I far off to say this is like more than a governor’s race in a swing state?” Owens said: “Oh no, you are not far of the mark at all here, that’s exactly right. It’s a referendum on Joe Biden’s presidency and a referendum on Democrats as a whole.

“This is one of the things actually that I’m very optimistic and excited about. I think for the first time, I know Americans have been feeling so down, so pessimistic about the direction of things, what’s happening in Virginia is really something to be excited about.

“Mainly because what you have, is finally an issue that can unite the left and the right and that issue is children. 

“This was the bridge too far.

“You know the left, ‘Ok climate protest, Ok let’s talk about abortion, so many issues we can divide and we can yell about, let’s talk about gun laws, divide.

“When it comes to children, this is something different, right? 

“People are suddenly realizing wait a second, I was Ok yelling and screaming at each other, but now you’re talking about innocent children.”

From CNN:

Whoever wins Virginia’s tight gubernatorial race Tuesday, the commonwealth will offer a fascinating read on where the country’s stormy politics stand a year after Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, and may point to what happens next.

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In the closing days of the race, both nominees in Virginia — as well as the current and former Presidents — have pointed to how the race has national significance and could set the tone for next year’s midterm elections and beyond.

“The entire nation is watching this … there’s only two statewide elections this year, New Jersey and Virginia, and all eyes are on Virginia. The nation needs us to vote for them too,” Republican Glenn Youngkin declared on his final day on the trail on Monday. Ironically, however, Youngkin has done all he can to keep the campaign local, stressing issues like schools and local taxes — to avoid getting sucked into the political maelstrom still raging around Trump.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who’s vying for a second nonconsecutive term, is hoping that apathy among his party’s voters after a somewhat erratic campaign will not dampen turnout in Democratic strongholds in the commuter belt outside Washington, DC.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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