Charles Payne Sets Whoopi Goldberg Straight: ‘This Is the Best News for Black Americans’

Whoopi Goldberg slammed Justice Clarence Thomas over the Supreme Court’s decision to end affirmative action Thursday.

During Thursday’s airing of “The View,” Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts blasted the landmark ruling.

“Could your mother and father vote in this country because the 14th Amendment actually had us on equal footing, they would have been able to vote,” Goldberg said during an angry rant.

“And you know why that changed?

“Because people got out and made a change.

“Who wants to get hit by water from a water hose? Nobody.

“But that’s what people did in order to get the vote.

“So when you say you don’t know what diversity is, I say you’re full of it.

“Like you don’t understand why my struggle is hard.”


Enter Fox News’s Charles Payne, who said:

“This is the best news for black Americans — it can be.

“It can be if we allow it because maybe now we will demand strong education for our kids beginning in kindergarten so this kind of thing becomes a moot point.

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“We should never even have to consider things like this if it wasn’t for the bigotry of low expectations, mostly by liberal cities that do not think highly of black people.

“Oh they like us, but they don’t think we’re smart.

“And so the Faustian deal has always been we’ll give you a watered-down education, your kids will graduate 12th grade with an 8th reading level, but we’ll make it up to you.

“We’ll give you fair housing.

“We’ll give you food stamps.

“We’ll find a way to make it up.

“We’ll push affirmative action.

“We’ll get you into jobs that you may not necessarily be qualified for.

“That’s a Faustian deal.

“It’s time to end the Faustian deal.”


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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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