Chelsea Clinton Bashes Trump, Praises Biden for Having ‘Taken Action’ on Inflation

Chelsea Clinton has taken a swipe at President Donald Trump while praising Joe Biden for having “taken action” to tackle soaring inflation.

Clinton appeared on ABC’s “The View” and attempted to suggest that Biden has been a great improvement over Trump.

During the show, Clinton helped the hosts steer blame away from Biden for the multiple crises his policies have caused, particularly inflation.

“I think the answer is educating the American people, right?” co-host Sunny Hostin said while trying to defend President Biden.

“Because I think you’re right.

“They go to the grocery store, they go to the gas pump, and they see the prices, and they can’t afford that.

“There’s that disconnect there.

“Why is it happening?

“People are only blaming the Biden administration, and I think the education part is really important because this is a global phenomenon.

“There are reasons why our inflation rate is at 9.1%.

“If you look at all the economies around the world, 60% of the economies around the world have inflation rates that are really, really high, and that is because of the global pandemic, right?

“It’s a global pandemic.

“That’s also because you have the war, the war in Ukraine.

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“China has slowed down its production because of the global pandemic because they had the lockdown, and then you have, of course, climate change, and so there are all these factors that are leading to the fact that we have this inflation.

“And it’s not Joe Biden,” Hostin alleged.

Chelsea Clinton then chimed in with her Democratic Party plug:

“I do think though, can I say quickly?

“It’s clear the president and his administration care deeply about the American people, and after his predecessor, that I think is an important thing to acknowledge.

“And that he is not being passive.

“The administration has tried many things to get in front of the inflation crisis.

“They tried to lower prescription drugs last year, and Congress stopped that.

“They tried to cut taxes, and Congress was not supportive of that.

“He’s released oil from the oil reserve,” she noted, failing to mention that the Biden administration sold off part of much-needed reserves to a Chinese Communist Party-owned company linked to Hunter Biden.

“The Biden administration deserves credit for what they have been doing.

“We can say they should be doing more and a different set of things, but we shouldn’t pretend they can’t care or haven’t taken action because they do care, and they have taken action,” she said.

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By David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a writer who specializes in political commentary and world affairs. He's been writing professionally since 2014.

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