Chelsea Clinton: ‘Fox News Was Created’ to ‘Target’ My Family

Chelsea Clinton has claimed that Rupert Murdoch started Fox News so that he could attack her family.

During a new interview, the former first daughter claims the Clintons were “the reason that Fox News was created.”

She claims that Murdoch had spotted an opportunity and a market to target and attack the Clintons.

Chelsea and her mother, twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, spoke with entertainment magazine Variety about their new Apple TV+ show, “Gutsy.”

In the wide-ranging feature interview that was published on Tuesday, the topic eventually turned to Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

“Your family was the first great target of Fox News’s approach,” the interviewer alleged.

“We were the reason that Fox News was created,” Chelsea responded.

“Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity,” the younger Clinton claimed.

The interviewer then asked the Clintons both to explain whether they felt their move into the media space — albeit a much smaller space than that occupied by Fox News — was an effort to fight back in some small way.

“Climate change illuminated where Fox News was willing to go and its destructive impact,” Chelsea claimed.

She then continued by accusing Fox News and multiple right-leaning outlets of spreading “misinformation” about “climate change.”

“I’m 42, and when I was in junior high, two-thirds of Americans knew human activity is partly responsible for climate change,” she said, without evidence.

“The right proved to themselves, ‘We can hit people with relentless misinformation and every night pipe into their homes to disbelieve scientists — what else could be possible?’

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“Today, with COVID, it’s the same playbook,” she alleged, again without evidence.

“There’s an element to this which is quite frustrating because they get away with it,” Hillary added then.

She continued by arguing that so-called “progressive” media had failed to do enough to fight back against right-leaning outlets.

“The so-called mainstream media, even the so-called progressive media, is just not as relentless in rebutting, refuting, and making clear that this is nothing but a play for profits at the cost of truth,” she said.

Hillary went on to suggest that tech companies should also be doing more to curb outlets like Fox News.

“Tech companies, the rest of journalism, ordinary people with platforms, we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers, point out the falsehoods, point out the hypocrisy,” she said.

“There is a path to limit the damage they’ve done, but it requires leaders on the side of facts and evidence.

“We now have that with Biden, and he’s making slow progress in trying to open people’s minds and eyes to what reality actually is.”

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By Frank Bergman

Frank Bergman is a political/economic journalist living on the east coast. Aside from news reporting, Bergman also conducts interviews with researchers and material experts and investigates influential individuals and organizations in the sociopolitical world.

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