Christian College Students Started Praying on Feb 8 and Haven’t Stopped Since

A massive movement is taking place at a small private Christian college in the heart of Kentucky.

Students at Asbury University in Wilmore gathered for a service on February 8 and they haven’t stopped praying since.

They spontaneously started a marathon worship event last Wednesday that has turned into a multi-day, 24/7 service.

Videos of the prayer meeting have been going viral across social media, with Christians traveling to the state from across America, and beyond, to join the service.

A live feed of the service has now been set up.


Attendees of the revival are praying and listening to worship music as well as personal testimonies from their peers.

After word about the movement spread, believers around the world traveled to the university to take part in the uplifting scene.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered the revival on his show Wednesday night.

“People just keep showing up from around the world,” Carlson said.

“The university has even set up overflow chapels to accommodate the demand.”

Carlson reported individuals have flown in from New Zealand and Singapore to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence at the university chapel.

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On February 8, the service at Asbury University in Hughes Auditorium ended with a benediction and a song by the gospel choir.

However, the students wouldn’t leave, instead continuing to pray as they sang quietly.

“They were praising and praying earnestly for themselves and their neighbors and our world—expressing repentance and contrition for sin and interceding for healing, wholeness, peace, and justice,” wrote Asbury theology professor Thomas H. McCall, who attended the service.

“There is no pressure or hype. There is no manipulation,” he added.

“There is no high-pitched emotional fervor.

“To the contrary, it has so far been mostly calm and serene

“I know that God moves in mysterious ways; Jesus tells us that the Spirit blows where it wills,” he said.

Students reportedly came from Purdue University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ohio Christian University, the University of Kentucky, the University of the Cumberlands, Transylvania University, Midway University, Lee University, Georgetown College, and Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, among others.

By February 14 the crowd had surged to 3,000 worshipers not only in the college chapel but also in four other facilities at the college.

University President Dr. Kevin Brown said at least two-thirds of the attendees came from other states.

“It has absolutely been social media that is the mechanism that people found out about this,” noted Mark Whitworth, Asbury University’s vice president of communications.

Videos hashtagged “Asbury Revival” have proliferated on social media with hashtag #asburyrevival having 24.4 million views on TikTok by February 15, NBC News reported.

“The university made an intentional decision not to publicize this because we wanted to place an abundance of respect towards the experience of our students,” Brown stated.

Revival-type events have occurred at Asbury University before; in 1970 a revival closed classes for a week; in 2006 four days of continuous worship took place.

The movement to hold a revival-type meeting has spread from Asbury; on February 13  Lee University in Tennessee started a nonstop prayer vigil while similar events were started at Anderson University in Indiana, Ohio Christian University, and others.

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