Climate Lockdowns: Coordinated Media Campaign Urges Public to Stay Indoors Due to ‘Global Warming’

Corporate media outlets have launched a seemingly coordinated scare campaign to urge the public to stay indoors because it’s “risky or outright dangerous” outside due to conditions allegedly created by so-called “climate change.”

Multiple reports have been emerging that warn people not to “risk” going outside while encouraging them to change their habits to do more activities inside their homes.

Numerous establishment media outlets have run headlines warning Americans that it might not be “safe” to go outside anymore.

The rise in fear-mongering comes as reports emerge about plans to enforce “climate lockdowns” to advance the global “green agenda.”

As Slay News recently reported, energy industry insiders have been warning that Democrat President Joe Biden is preparing to sign an executive order to declare a pandemic-like “climate emergency.”

By declaring such an emergency, Biden would be awarded sweeping new powers to fight “global warming” such as enforcing “climate lockdowns” or delaying elections.

Energy industry leaders fear the Biden administration would use the powers to shut down the national electricity grid to force the end of fossil fuel use and switch to solar and wind power.

The warning from the energy industry comes as a newly emerged video has surfaced from a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel discussion on “climate lockdowns.”

As Slay News reported, WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole Schwab hosted the discussion about using “the environment” to advance her father’s “Great Reset” agenda.

Nicole Schwab declared that tyrannical restrictions during the Covid pandemic served as a precursor to coming “climate lockdowns.”

According to Nicole Schwab, Covid was a “tremendous opportunity” to test how the public would comply with authoritarian measures that could be used to usher in the globalist green agenda.

The WEF’s promotion of the “climate crisis” narrative seeks to “create a change that is not incremental…to position nature at the core of the economy,” according to the younger Schwab.

The participants were discussing how the threat of an “immediate emergency” can be used to further advance other agendas, such as the WEF’s “Great Reset.”

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“This [COVID] crisis has shown us that first of all, things can shift very rapidly when we put our minds to it and when we feel the immediate emergency to our livelihoods,” Nicole Schwab says.

Amid a flood of recent fearmongering reports from the corporate media about wildfires and heatwaves, which are allegedly caused by the so-called “climate crisis,” outlets are now urging people to respond to those fears by staying inside their homes.

The reports are also eerily similar to those used during the pandemic to scare people into complying with Covid lockdowns.

The talking point among numerous media outlets was observed by The Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon notes that the corporate media has been on a jag as of late questioning whether it’s “safe” for the public to venture outside.

“Why do the media seem intent on scaring Americans into staying home?” asks the Free Beacon’s Drew Holden.

“Everyday activities like working, commuting, and exercising should be reconsidered amid high temperatures, smokey air, and rising waters, according to leading newspapers and news networks.”

An exhaustive list of mainstream media headlines in recent weeks shows repeated warnings about when people should and shouldn’t leave their homes.

For example, it may be too risky “or outright dangerous” to be “running outside” due to high temperatures, according to The Washington Post.

Likewise, the New York Times claimed there were “treacherous conditions this summer.”

The Times continues by asking readers, “How do you know when it’s safe to venture out?”

In June, the NY Times published an article on “Global Running Day” to warn readers that “experts advise against outdoor exercise.”

A CBS News headline claimed it might not even be safe to drive to work due to wildfire smoke.

As Slay News has reported, the media claims the wildfires are caused by “global warming.”

Likewise, NBC News wants people to question whether ist is “safe to exercise outdoors when the air quality is poor?”

The media also claims to be hyper-concerned with the safety of Americans who choose to travel outside of the U.S.

The Washington Post warns that the “climate crisis” is causing “heatwaves” and “summer wildfires” and asks: “Is it safe to go to Europe?”

If you’re black, NBC News wants you to be fearful of going outdoors where “trauma” awaits you.

The recent non-stop climate scare campaign is eerily reminiscent of the media’s attempts to keep people from going outdoors during the height of the pandemic.

After Covid granted the MSM the power to control its readers and induce panic among the public, the media is striving to maintain that influence as they shift that fear onto their new cause célèbre: “Global boiling.”

Could the media be positioning themselves to promote possible future climate lockdowns?

As Slay News previously reported, the WEF declared in September that COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns have proved that “billions of citizens across the world” would comply with global restrictions on freedoms for the sake of “climate change.”

In an article published by the WEF, the organization lauds how “billions” of people complied with Covid “restrictions.”

The unelected organization continues by arguing that the public would do the same under the guise of reducing “carbon emissions.”

Titled “My Carbon: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities,” the article suggests that the same fear tactics could be used to impose further “restrictions” on the general public.

The subject of the piece is how to convince people to adopt “personal carbon allowance programs.”

Klaus Schwab’s group notes that improvements in tracking and surveillance technology are helping to overcome “political resistance” against such programs.

“COVID-19 was the test of social responsibility,” the article notes.

It continues by commending how “a huge number of unimaginable restrictions for public health were adopted by billions of citizens across the world.”

“There were numerous examples globally of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations, and acceptance of contact-tracing applications for public health, which demonstrated the core of individual social responsibility,” the WEF adds.

The organization goes on to cite how so many people complied with lockdown mandates, despite overwhelming evidence of the harmful consequences such restrictions had on society.

The WEF then implies that the public would behave in a similarly obsequious manner in other areas of life.

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By Frank Bergman

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