CNN’s Jim Acosta Pushes Biden’s Narrative on Economy, Gets Shut Down by Top Democrat Pollster

CNN’s Jim Acosta was shut down by an expert while trying to promote Democrat President Joe Biden’s narrative about the economy.

Leading Democrat pollster Stanley Greenberg dropped facts on Acosta during a Monday interview.

Greenberg co-founded a top polling group with Democrat strategist James Carville.

Last month, the polling group surveyed 2,500 voters in battleground states and congressional districts.

In response to the results, Greenberg told the New York Times that the polling “is grim.”

Greenberg further explained that the results spell doom for Biden and the Democrats.

He noted that the survey found that voter groups conventionally thought to support Democrats gave President Donald Trump a higher approval than Biden.

Those demographics were “blacks, Hispanics, Asians, LGBTQ community, Gen Z, Millennials, unmarried and college women,” according to Greenberg.

On Monday, Greenberg explained on CNN what three factors he believes are driving negative voter sentiment.

Those factors are the economy, mass migration, and politicians doing “nothing about the profiteering,” he said.

Acosta then tried to run cover for the Democrats by pushing back.

The CNN host parroted the Biden administration’s talking points on the economy.

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That narrative claims the economy is booming and any economic woes are all Trump’s fault.

If you disagree, it’s because you don’t understand “Bidenomics” or you’re too downstream to feel the effects yet, the White House insists.

“Inflation is cooling,” Acosta said.

“I mean, if you look at gas prices, they’re going down.

“People aren’t feeling that enough just yet.”

However, Greenberg brought receipts and immediately pushed back.

“It’s a bubble. It’s a bubble,” he said.

“Look, what I have discovered in doing my polling in Europe and the U.K. and here — what matters is how many months people have been struggling to deal with inflation.

“And each month they get madder and madder about it as long as their wages are trailing prices.”

Acosta responded that voters who don’t believe the Biden narrative are simply “grumpy.”

Greenberg, armed with facts, continued to explain why that’s not true.

“Look, get out of the bubble,” he told Acosta.

“[Inflation is] 3% higher than it was when Biden came in.

“In the last six months, there has been a decline in disposable income,” Greenberg explained

“So the context is you have to start there.

“Inflation is like 30 points higher than the next problem.”

“What the president currently doing is his tweets always start with, ‘We’re making progress,’ and then he mentions prices,” he continued.

“If you look at his ads aimed at black voters, it’s mainly trying to convince them they’re doing a good job.

“But that’s not where they are.

“They are losing ground every month, and anger about it [grows].”


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By David Lindfield
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